Frankie, Shrewsbury, NJ

Hi! I’m Frankie. Tied to a fence with my mouth taped shut, in the cold and snow, that is how my rescue story begins.

I’ve not had an easy life. I was found in February 2011 in Central NJ with another dog, both of us cruelly abandoned and left to die. Nobody knows how long we were left there.

Animal control brought both of us into the shelter. We were thin, luckily no injuries, but the volunteers were heartbroken to see when my fears got so bad that I would lie down because I was too afraid to walk.

After we were found, my companion was adopted from the shelter. I was very bonded to her and shut down after she was adopted. Left alone, I began to deteriorate and gave up in the shelter. I would not even leave the kennel run to go for a walk after she left.

Then in June 2011, the shelter became full. But the volunteers at the shelter would not give up on me! They asked Pick Your Paw Animal Rescue to help me because they knew I was shutting down in the shelter environment. Pick Your Paw came and got me out of there!

In Rescue, I slowly overcome my haunting past. My past experiences have all been painful or scary, and things my rescuers consider to be normal are entirely new to me. Even accepting a tasty treat was new!

While I’m is learning that people can be kind, I’m still troubled by my past so I’ve been working with my foster Dad and a trainer to make me comfortable in a home and interacting with all kinds of people.

Unfortunately, due to changes in my foster Dad’s living arrangements, I need a new foster! 🙁

I’m truly running out of time! I need to be out of my foster home in this coming week. Pick Your Paw is desperately reaching out for help to find me a new foster or adoptive home.

They even made me a Facebook page, Please Help Frankie NJ, because I’ve made so much progress and sending me back to a kennel environment is not in my best interest.

Here’s my quick stat:

  • I’m around 3-4 years old
  • I’m good with other dogs but can not live with cats
  • I’m housebroken and crate-trained
  • I’m a sweet dog but because of my fear and reactivity meeting new people, my rescues are looking for a Bully-savvy home without small children
  • I need a knowledgeable and patient person to continue with my training

Pick Your Paw will help with my training for a local adopter/foster, as long as they are willing to continue with my training at Urban Dawgs in Red Bank, NJ. This is where I was assessed and had private training sessions with my foster Dad.

My rescuers promised me that my rescue did not end with untying me and un-taping my face. It will end when I’m comfortable that a person’s touch will be kind, that being near people is safe.

Please help me find a new foster while I wait for my forever home!

~ Frankie

Update from Pick Your Paw: Frankie celebrated his new life at Spirit Animal Sanctuary by playing in a mud hole and “getting the city” off of him. 🙂 Although it’s not what we first envisioned his forever home to be, we know that this is where he needs to be. Frankie will never be alone and will always have his canine buddies and Al. We are happy and excited for Frankie to start his new life. We truly could not have made this happen with out all of the love and support from all of you. Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts. We are forever grateful. ~Pick Your Paw~