Finn, Las Vegas, NV

Hi, I’m Finn (aka Finn the Adorable) and I adopted my humans after they fostered me through a rescue group, The Churchill Foundation, a year ago, when I was a couple months old.

Mom fell in love with me at first sight, when Lara posted a picture on Facebook. Her and Dad had adopted my “sister” Cinder (aka Cinder the Wonder Dog), a pit/lab mix, from a local shelter, but they were smitten (can you blame them? I was a pretty cute pup!) and really hoped I’d choose them.

When they first met me, they brought Cinder and we played in the yard for awhile and I just knew. I knew they would love me unconditionally and that Cinder would be a great big sister to me. She was playful, but caring and is still protective of me. I follow her everywhere! If she sniffs a patch of grass, I sniff it. If she barks, I run to her and bark, too. Mom & Dad spoil us, but they say that’s the way it should be.

Mom & Dad knew I was born with a “chicken wing” left front leg, due to inbreeding, but that didn’t make any difference to them. I had a surgery to remove the “wing” because the vet was afraid I’d hurt myself, as it sometimes got caught on the doggie door; I had also started to chew on it, like a toy. (Hey, I taste delicious, what can I say?!)

I’ve healed nicely and get around just fine. Cinder and I race all the time and I keep up really well! Sometimes people feel sorry for me, but Mom & Dad explain that it doesn’t stop me from doing almost everything any other dog does. I just may do it slower, differently or with a bit of help.

One of my favorite things is when we go to the swimming hole by our home, and Cinder and I get to run around and swim. I just wear my life jacket and then I can swim with her! We also go camping, take road trips and go off-roading with Mom & Dad.

People who have known us, aren’t afraid of us, but when we meet people who don’t know us, some people are worried that I’m not friendly. Many people think I lost my leg in a dog fight, just because I’m a pittie. Mom & Dad do the talking, and I turn on the charm and win them over, showing them how friendly, happy and good I am. We have taught many people not to be afraid of dogs, just because they’re a certain breed.

I love people, all dogs, taking naps and ice cubes. I am loved a lot; Mom gives me great massages and makes us homemade treats (she calls them Tail Waggers), which is pretty much the best thing ever. I have a great sense of humor and even if I do something I’m not really supposed to (like dig; yes, I am quite the digging doggie), I just give them “the look” and tilt my head, wag my tail and Mom & Dad just can’t be mad. I chase my sister around the house and love to do zoomies from the hall to the couch, bounce off and run back down the hall. This makes everyone laugh, which is awesome! 🙂

All 5 of Mom & Dad’s grandkids adore me, especially when I kiss their faces! I hope when we post pictures of me & Cinder with them, it helps to dispel misinformation about my breed. I hope that other people who meet me, realize how much love my fellow pitties have. I hope they realize we are just dogs. We have so much love to give…and we are really funny!

Mom has been an advocate for pitties for about 10 years, since she was adopted by a “bait dog” pup, named Chance. She learned a lot about BSL and dog fighting with him, and she says he saved her, and taught her to be a better human, after her Mom & Grandma passed away. He passed over the rainbow bridge in August 2014, and my family will always advocate for pitties and take the opportunity to educate people about adopting, pittie love and fighting BSL.

Mom & Dad say that because I’m a black pittie, with a medical issue, I probably wouldn’t be alive if I had been surrendered to a shelter. That’s why we support The Churchill Foundation; they rescue the dogs that others overlook.

I think people can be afraid to adopt a dog with a medical issue, but Mom & Dad tell everyone it’s not a big deal. Yes, there are some things I can’t do (hike up big hills or long walks) but that’s okay; we work around it. Mom & Dad say that what they get from me (love, laughs and more kisses than you can imagine) far outweighs any special accommodations they have to make for me. I’m really happy that Lara rescued me, so that I’d have this wonderful life!

I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know a little about me. If you are looking for a loving companion, consider adopting a pittie — especially a black one, since they’re harder to place. And if they have a medical issue, please don’t automatically dismiss them. They can still bring you much love, loyalty and laughs.

Finn the Adorable

Parent: Lisa