Eugene, Brooklyn, NY

My name is Eugene, and I met my mama when I was four months old.

This was just a few days after I realized I didn’t have to live, sleep, eat, poop and pee in a stupid little box! Some nice people at the NYC ACC saved me and my brother and sisters and showed me ruv and freedom.

Mama says I was fourteen pounds when she met me, and the ACC vet thought I was 1 1/2 years old and that I would never stand straight up or be able to walk normally. Four months and forty pounds later, they found out my real age – I was only a pup!

My brother and sisters had it ruff, too, and my brother Trey, well his heart was broken, and he had to leave us too early. 🙁 Why were we all so sick?

See, I’m happy I’m here – but the truth is, I was bred by some people who didn’t care about all the pain my siblings and I would feel through our lives; they just wanted to create silly looking creatures to sell for money. I know, I don’t get it either!

Mama didn’t baby me and told me to get my butt out there and run with the other dogs, and soon nobody knew there wasn’t anything wrong with me. My favorite time of day was just after we woke up, Mams would take me to this big green place where all my friends were running, playing, peeing and being silly. 🙂

Life was pretty good, but some things started to bug me. My knees hurt but I didn’t know how to tell anyone about it. The vet didn’t know my knees hurt, mama didn’t know my knees hurt and I felt frustrated.

Mama didn’t know why I started acting like a bad boy. But Mama didn’t give up on me and this one day, we met some really nice people at Leash Williamsburg, and they have been helping Mama and I, and things are so much better. I just had knee surgery and am going through physical therapy. And pretty soon I’ll be better than ever!

I am back to being a silly love bug, kissing everybody and rolling around on my back, and showing the world my underbite. I’ve even been in a national commercial!

I love kitties, and birds – some people think that’s weird. Bully sticks and cushy beds are the best! I have a blind sister that is also pretty cool, even though Mama says I can’t wrestle with her.

I’m a pretty social boy; I have a Facebook page, Oh, Eugene, and of course I’m on Instagram. Oh and I’ve met so many cool dogs that also have been through a lot of crazy stuff. I have a lot of awesome friends and life is pretty cool!

Enjoy my fave photos!!
~ Eugene

p.s. Did you know Pick Your Paw is still looking for a forever home for my litter sister June Bug? She’s loving and silly and sweet and a tough cookie. I really hope she can find a great forever family soon. She’s doing so well in her foster home – she gets along with the other pups in the house and is learning lots of manners!

If you’d like to meet my awesome sister, please email Thank you!

Parent: Danielle