Ema, Justin, TX

Hi! My name is Ema — that’s with a long E, and it means mother in Hebrew.

My boyfriend and I were wandering the streets alone, when Humane Society of Cedar Creek Lake picked us up and discovered I was very pregnant! Fortunately they are nice people, and even though they weren’t set up to care for a mother with pups, they gave me a chance and networked me on Facebook. The ACO was so nice he even let me spend the night in his office! 🙂

My foster mom saw me on Facebook and decided she had to do something, so she contacted Animal Allies of Texas (AAT), and said if they would pull me, she would foster. They said yes and I was off to my foster home.

Two weeks after I moved in with them, I gave birth to 12 beautiful puppies! My puppies were named after rock stars.

I love my puppies, but they’re weaned now and going to their forever homes. Me? I’m ready for a home of my own, maybe with a big, loud, lovable guy, like my foster dad for sure. Oh, and a big comfy bed, please. 🙂

Here’s my quick stats:

  • I’m about 3-years-old
  • I look like I am pure Staffy and weigh about 62 pounds
  • I am spayed, chipped, and up-to-date on my shots
  • I am also heart-worm positive, but foster mom is taking care of that and AAT is paying for the treatment
  • I am sweetheart who enjoys cuddling, but I also have loads of energy and like to play
  • I love people, all people! But I can be awfully bouncy, so a home with older kids would probably be best
  • I’m great with other dogs, and would like a buddy to play with
  • Cats are okay, but sometimes they just need a quick chase 🙂
  • Stuffies are the best, and emptying them is fun!
  • I’m still learning how to live in a house; things like, “four on the floor” and no wrestling on the bed when foster mom is in it…
  • I walk well on a leash, and I like going on adventures (especially car rides), but I like coming home just as much

My foster mom says I’ve had more than enough litters in my life, and we’re going to fix it so I never have to do that again.

I’ve been a good mom, now I’m ready to just be a good dog.

~ Ema

Editor’s note: Ema’s foster mom just informed us that they’ve decided to make her a full member of their family, so she is a foster no longer. They are also adopting their 15-month-old granddaughter, so Ema will have a little human sister. 🙂

Photo credit: All Animal Allies of Texas photos by Melody Hamilton