Ellie, Greenville, SC

In June 2005, my parents went to PetSmart, not really looking for a dog. I was there with the SAFE program who found me next to a dumpster with my sister. They thought I was a 10-week old Dane/Lab mix.

I saw my mom and it was love at first sight. When my parents took me to the vet, they found that I was a Pit Bull mix about 6 months old. They decided to keep me even though everyone told them not to because I would be a mean dog.

I went everywhere with my mom and dad. Six months later they adopted another rescue and we were inseparable. I loved to go for rides in the car and chew on my favorite toy, a rubber bone.

In 2008, I had my first seizure. It was really scary, we went to the vet and they told my mom I was probably beat up as a pup and I should be OK as long as they didn’t get worse or more frequent.

Later that year, my mom and dad had a baby, and I loved him. He climbed all over me and we had fun together. We loved to play fetch. I was a very loving dog and wanted everyone to pet me and let me lay in their laps.

In late 2010, I started to not feel very well and my seizures got worse. My mom and dad were very heartbroken, but they didn’t want me to feel any more pain.

On February 2, 2011, I went to heaven. It was a very sad day, but my mom and dad were with me the whole time, and told me they loved me and I was a very good dog. They miss me so much and I was the best dog they ever had.

Parents: Casey & Todd