Duke, West Des Moines, IA

Hey guys! My name is Duke. I was minding my own business as a stray in Des Moines at the end of January 2011 when someone decided to shoot me and throw me in the river.

Two wonderful ladies pulled me out of the water just as my doggie-paddling strength was about to give out. The Animal Rescue League of Iowa and the small animal hospital at Iowa State University cared for me until Mama adopted me. HandicappedPets.com donated my Walkin’ Wheels and I started my new life!

Mama already had two sassy-fun Lhasa Apso’s at home and we all became best buds. Who knew a big, rugged dog like me would fall in love with two little white fluffballs. The three of us know how to have a good time. When I’m not scooting around at home, I love going for walks outside in my wheels and meeting new people.

After “the incident,” Mama wasn’t exactly sure how I would like the water. But we visited the beach this summer, and I was all about it! I walked into the water up to my neck—wheels and all—and didn’t want to get out. I had to show Mama what a brave boy I am and that I still love to do all of the fun things us dogs are made for!

I’m a gentle cuddler and a thinker and a kisser and a keeper. Keep in touch with me on Facebook.


Parent: Susan

Editor’s Note: Duke’s Mama, along with Sara (founder of The Project Pet Midwest) started BOGO Bowl, a dog food company that gives away a bag of high quality food to dogs in need for every bag purchased. Isn’t that fantastic?

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