Destiny, Middletown, NY

Hi! My name is Destiny!

My mom rescued me from my previous owners when I was about 6 months old. My old family was not nice at all. Mom says that’s what the humans called “an abusive home.”

The bad family chained me to a landing with boat chain and I never left the house. I was full of worms, ticks, fleas and had ear mites. I weight about 14lbs and I was covered in poop! When my mom heard about me from her old neighbors who had my litter mate and knew that I was being abused.

My mom went to see me in the bad family’s place. When she was there, my old owners told me that they allowed their kids to drop kick me and hit me. My mom thought, “There was no way I was leaving her at that house!” She quickly told them she wanted me.

She had to pay $50 for me, but my mom says it was well worth it. They were a horrible family, and we’re glad we live no where near them now.

I am now a happy, loving, obedient and amazing 7-year old. (Don’t take my word for it; my mom said it!) I’m my mom’s best friend and she takes me everywhere she can. I love kids and dogs, and my mom says I’m pretty much everything she could ever want from a dog. I stole her heart! I am my mom’s first pit bull and she said I changed her mind and I won’t be her last pit bull.

These pics are just a few fun ones: Me eating corn (which I love!). Me with a small piece of spaghetti on my nose. It’s just me being me.

Enjoy! 🙂

Parent: Rachel