Deezy, Detroit, MI

Hi! My name is Deezy aka “Mr. Pit” and I just turned 5 years old. Here’s my story…

I grew up in a fairly quiet household as a puppy and had a ton of energy. When I was about 13 months old, my original owners had a baby so they couldn’t keep me and decided to take me into the Michigan Humane Society in Detroit.

That day, as I was being dragged into what could have been my deathbed, it just so happened that a couple of college guys were looking for a dog to adopt. They had looked around and didn’t see any dogs they were interested in. They were on their way out of the shelter…and then they saw me. I was coolest dog they had ever seen! (Check out the white on my chest that is shaped like a cross!)

My original owners overheard the comment and offered me to the two guys who immediately accepted. Luckily, I had all of my shots so they took me home right away! They didn’t even have to go through any paperwork or pay a fee for me! 🙂

That was in March 2008 and my life have been awesome ever since. The guys who adopted me brought me into their two-bedroom apartment and I was wild at first; I even chewed through a door!

As time went on, I became calmer and got used to the environment. Luckily I was able to socialize with tons of people and many other dogs.

A couple months later, the one roommate took me with him to a house (I loved that place!!) and he officially adopted me! 🙂

Two of the other people that lived there bought pit bull puppies who were brothers and we would play all the time. There was also a huge “Colorado Pit” named Dezel who I enjoyed playing with.

A year later, my Dad graduated school and moved to a new house. Although I’m the only dog here now, I’m pretty happy. I like to hang out with the labs at my grandparents’ house when my Dad goes out of town.

Last summer I even learned how to swim (with the help of a doggie life preserver, of course!). At first I was scared to jump in but now I LOVE IT!

In the winter time, I like to eat snow and curl up on my dog beds. I’ve also been known to try and climb on people’s laps.

If I’m lucky, my dad will give me a piece of string cheese, my favorite snack. 🙂

Thanks for reading!!!


Parent: Jon