Debo, Murrells Inlet, SC

Hi. My name is Debo Leonidas. I am an American Pitt Bull Terrier and my color is brindle.

My mom says I’m 4 years old and we live in Murrells Inlet, SC. I know most every trick in the book and will sit and lay down with just a snap of your finger. I even have my own Facebook! I am very good with other dogs now (considering my fighting history).

I was picked up off the streets somewhere in the County of Georgetown in South Carolina. I was running down a street with my dad when he was hit by a car. One of the local Sheriff’ss Office Dog catchers picked me up and instead of taking me to the shelter (since most pit bulls don’t do well there), she took me to her home with other Pit Bulls she had saved.

I was adopted by my mom’s ex-boyfriend (we can call him Bob). Bob did not take very good care of me. I had skin allergies that certain foods would make worse. I never got any Vet care. My mom would give me baths when she came over. Most days I would run away and go hang out at a local landscaping company.

One day, Bob decided it would be fun (for him) to see me fight another dog. This was happening behind my mom’s back because she would not approve. I was never seriously injured (which is where Bob would say I got my name). My middle name, Leonidas, comes from the guy off the movie “300.” Bob also thought it was pretty funny to put a shock collar on me to see what I’d do. Needless to say, Bob was NOT a very good person.

Anyways, my mom finally left crazy Bob. She always said she would never leave me. From what I heard, my mom tried anything to get me back with her. Bob eventually just left me at a home with his parents where I was not taken care of (not that I really was with Bob anyways). Soon my mom offered Bob $1,000 just to take me so she could take good care of me and give me a home I deserved.

The week my mom picked me up, I went to the Vet for the first time in years. My mom started researching food to give me for my skin. We tried a lot and finally found one that would mostly stop the itching & completely stopped the crying. I loved my new life. I was being lazy everyday, sharing a bed with my mom at night, and had so many toys to play with I didn’t even know what to do with them all. I soon became inseperable from my mom.

One day she took me to the mall with her (since I pretty much go everywhere, unless it’s too hot). I was pretty mad she left me in the car so I escaped and went into the mall looking for her. I walked right up to the security desk and they just led me back outside. (Thankfully!) Five minutes later my mom came out and come to find out, she just ran in there really fast to grab some bones for me. (Oops! :-))

My mom always told me I saved her life from the abusive Bob. I was the only one that was really there for her. So it worked out perfect because we both saved each other from the same person! My mom has met a new wonderful boyfriend and had a baby, my little sister who I love so much.

My mom talks about making me a therapy dog so I can visit sick children in hospitals or something cool like that. I couldn’t ask for a better life: A mom who spoils me, a Dad who plays with me, and a little sister to share kisses with. When I go out in public I always get a lot of comments from people on how good I act. I have changed the perception of a pit bull in a lot of people.

I have a perfect life now and have not ran away since. My mom dreads my birthdays because I get older. She says I’ll be the only dog walking around on life support. I love my family and my life. I am a perfect “first” pit bull for people to meet. I hope one day that Pit Bulls can have a good name back. We don’t deserve the name we get and I (along with most other Pit Bulls) am a perfect example.

Parent: Susan