Daisy, Weeki Wachee, FL

Hi! My name is Daisy! I just turned 1 in March of 2013. My life started out pretty complicated.

There was a nice disabled gentleman that had come home to find my Pregnant Dogma tied to his back porch…half starved and scared to death. Luckily this guy didn’t make my story end there.

He took my dogma in and fed her and kept her comfortable until she had her babies. My Momma comes into the picture about 6 weeks later. The gentleman was in a wheelchair on a fixed income and was having a very hard time feeding my dogma…let alone 10 pups and keeping the HUGE mess cleaned up that a litter of pups makes. 😉 He started telling all the neighbors about us and my Momma’s friend thought of her right away.

Momma said the first time she saw us was so heartbreaking. We were all so tiny, blown up with worms and very non-socialized. She said we were the saddest, shyest, ten little Pit Bull puppies — we hid and cried instead of the usual wigglebutt, wagging-tail puppy kisses greeting you would get from puppies. We were covered in fleas, full of worms, and living in our own waste. Our Dogma was friendly and proud to show off us puppies but she too was in bad shape, extremely emaciated.

I was the first one to come up and meet my Momma. She had no intention of bringing home another pup at this time, but she said as soon as she picked me up, in that single second all of that changed: She knew I was going home with her that very day.

Momma went and bought dog food and puppy food and some Milkbones for the gentleman to be able to keep us until she figured out what to do with us, and he agreed to let the rest of my family stay there and not take them to the pound. She came over to feed, clean and visit with us on a daily basis.

After about a week, Rugaz Rescue agreed to take us. Momma was beside herself. She bathed my Dogma and the rest of my siblings, loaded them into her car and delivered them to the rescue. They have all been happily adopted out to forever homes. 🙂

Although I was shy and timid at first with my new family, I became a part of the pack within a week and, Momma said, even started to run the show!  In just a week my world was changed forever! I now knew love, I was safe, I had a furever family, and a name: Daisy!!

Momma has always had dogs, but she said there was just “something” about me that she can’t really put into words. Momma was in a difficult point in her life. She was a stay-at-home mom, in a rut and just bored. She said since the day she brought me home I have made her a happier lady. I know I make her laugh all the time with what she calls “all my little shenanigans.” Momma said I complete her and she knew she had to share me with the world.

That’s when she made me my very own Facebook page: Daisy ~ The Little Itty Bitty Pitty Princess. She had no idea that starting that page would open her eyes to all the awful images, stories and mean people that literally hate me just because of the way I look. Momma wishes that one day BSL will not be around to threaten me and those like me. She also wishes that people would adopt more of my breed type from shelters and rescues.

She tells everyone, “They are the most loving and loyal dogs you will ever come into contact with and when you save them from that, they will repay you ten times over that in LOVE!”

We are now Bully Breed Advocates, we push Adoption is the ONLY Option and we try to educate as many people as we can on BSL. I want every dog to have that same opportunity! If we all band together we can defeat BSL. You are our voice!

I have a wonderful life and I love my family more than anything in this world. Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

~ Daisy

p.s. I have taken it upon myself to share and help all the pups at Urgent Dogs of Miami. Without our help these babies don’t stand much of a chance to find their furever homes. Please share them far and wide. Thank you!

Parent: April