Daisy, Richmond, VA

Hi! My name is Daisy Mae – Pittie Princess and I’m an American Pit Bull Terrier. My mom and dad rescued me in August of 2012 from a long life of living on a chain and now I’m the Queen of my household.

I was rescued when I was 8 years old…well just over a year ago. I can’t really say I was abused but just kind of neglected. You see my original owner got me when I was just a little pup. He was a “repo-man” and he thought I’d look scary riding around in his tow truck. Well needless to say, he made a lot of bad decisions and I wound up being shuffled back and forth from his mom’s house chained to a tree and his brother and sister-in-law’s house.

Somehow during all this time I managed to escape time and time again…I even gave birth to 2 litters of puppies, until the sister-in-law had me spayed. She even took care of me when my original owner let me fall out of his pick-up truck, dragging me behind because he had me tied up in the bed of it.

She medicated and bandaged my paws for weeks until they healed. Sometime after that I ended up living with them because my original owner went to prison; they were kind of like my foster family.

Then one evening in July, there was a birthday party for my foster mom and that was the night that I met my forever mom and dad. My mom was friends with my foster mom and she and her husband came to the party. I kind of think now they came especially to see me.

I was really dirty, skinny and smelly because I lived chained up in a pen out in their backyard. But my future mom didn’t care. She bent down and started to love all over me. I whined and cried when they finally had to go.

But they came back again and again over the next few weeks. They would come and give me baths, take me for walks and for car rides…(I love car rides!) And I showed them how good I could be…like I knew how to “sit” and I remembered that I was house-trained.

One day they came to get me and never took me back. That’s when I got adopted, August 19, 2012 and I’ve been with mom and dad ever since.

They took me home to live with them and their 14 year old Maltese terrier “Baby Niki”; he went to the Rainbow Bridge this past September. I got my own food bowl, it’s hot pink and has my name on it, my own toys and even my own bed (I’ve never had a bed before). The best part is that I got to live inside with my mom and dad.

I like to spend my time going for car rides, having my picture taken, barking at people from the apartment balcony, going to doggie daycare and lying on the sofa watching television. Mom likes to sing to me and she always tells me how pretty I am, and I must say that even though I don’t have any front teeth (they’re all broken off) and I’m graying around the muzzle, I do look pretty good! 🙂

I now live with my mom, dad and a 5-month-old white pit bull puppy named Eleanor; she is deaf and a real handful. Mom got her from the rescue that she works with, Ring Dog Rescue, in Richmond, VA. She says because I’m so good with puppies that it’s my job to “show her the ropes”, so that’s what I’m gonna do.

I do kind of like her…I guess she can be the princess now as long as I can always be the Queen. 🙂

So that’s my story. I’m Daisy and I’m not a monster.

Parents: Dawn & Neal