Daisy, Wethersfield, CT

I was found chained to a fence in New Haven, CT. I was extremely under weight and had an awful infection on the base of where my ears used to be before they were cut off with scissors. My mom think I was being prepped to be the bait dog to my brothers and sisters.

Not only were my ears a mess, my eyes were so infected that when I was brought to the Wethersfield Animal Hospital they thought I might be blind. They treated my ears and started treating my eyes. After about a week the vet called my mom to see if they could foster me. My mom went to meet me on a Thursday and the next day I was home with her. I since have gained weight, I feel in love with my big sister Vera, I was driven to Florida and back and graduated Puppy Kindergarten. 🙂

My mom decided I wasn’t going anywhere and adopted me. I’ve been to 4 different specialists trying to find a cure for my rare condition. After ending up at Tufts VETS in Walpole, MA, they determined that the problem is actually with my nose, not my eyes. Every test that they have done has come back negative while my condition worsens. I went through an intense surgery on my nose in the middle of July and my parents still don’t have any answers. Right now my parents are trying different medications until they find one that works and clears up this infection. I constantly sneeze mucus and my eyes weep…

Other than that, my parents think I am an amazing puppy that deserves the best. They will do ANYTHING that they need to in order to have me live a normal puppy life.

Parents: Kelly & Jon

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