Daine, Joplin, MO

Hai!! My name is DaineDaine and I am NOT a monster!!

I am in fact a Princess, I know this is true because my Mommah and Daddy have told me so. I am also one of the lucky ones, I was adopted at a very early age from the Joplin Humane Society Animal Resource & Adoption Center (JHS) in Joplin, MO.

It was quite a bit of fate that I was adopted! Mommah tells me it’s harder for black puppies to get adopted, much less black pitbulls, but I got adopted after being at the shelter for less than a week!

Today I am just over a year and a half old but I’ve gone to countless classes so that someday I can be a therapy dog. In fact, right now I am in therapy training! Mommah says I have some ‘kinks’ to work out of my system before then (What?! I cant help it that EVERYONE needs kissing!!!) and I have to brush up on all my manners, but I’m really excited!!

Mommah, Daddy and I have a dream! Our dream is to go around and teaching the little humans of the world (Mommah says thats the best way to change things you have to educate them while they are young). We want to teach about tolerance, about being kind, and about how you should NEVER EVER judge a book (or dog, or person) by its cover!! Since I was named after a book, I find this most fitting!

One of the things I am most passionate about is helping, and since JHS gave me my start in life I love giving back to them! We just recently finished up a HUGE pitbull spay and neuter clinic! Last fall we had a ‘pitbull day’ booth at the fall event and raised lots of money and even changed some minds with a pittie kissing booth! (I do love to give kisses!!)

I also use my Facebook page, DaineDaine the Pretty PittieBoxer to share ‘wish lists’ of supplies they need. And for my birthdays and anniversaries I always try to do something special! The people who work and volunteer at JHS are very passionate about animals, and they do everything they can to make sure we all get into good homes!!

JHS has started a STAR DOG program (which you should check out. Hint hint! ;-)) where they get sponsors to cover the adoption fees of the harder-to-adopt dogs. These dogs aren’t ‘Free Dogs’, they aren’t unwanted; They are just the dogs that have a harder time standing out in a crowd and we want to give them a little extra boost! I am so very honored to be JHS’s mascot for this! EVERY dog is a STAR! Some of them just have a little trouble shining!

When Mommah started my Facebook page she never expected I would someday be a spokesdog, or that I would have so many friends (HAI FRIENDS!). She just wanted to share me and hopefully change some minds along the way!!

A dog is a dog is a dog! Sometimes breed labels hurt us more than they can help us. Those who meet me in person never guess at first that I have any pittie in me, but I do! I just want to show people that black dogs, pittie dogs, any dog can be a GOOD DOG!

We are very honest on our pages about what is going on in our lives, the behavioral troubles we might be facing, and what we are doing about it. I believe honesty is the best policy!! Am I perfect? NO!!!! But I am working to be a better girl!! And so are my sister and my brothers! 🙂

I am a puppy, I am a girl, I am a Princess, I am picky, I am black and white, I am a border collie staffie bull mix, I am hyper, I am lovable, but I AM NOT A MONSTER! And that’s all I want people to know!!

Pitboo kisses!

Parent: Kristina