Czar, Indianapolis, IN

Hi! I’m Czar the Tripawd and I’m an 11-year-old American Pit Bull Terrier.

I’ve been with my mom since I was a puppy. She was a Veterinary Technician and did not know too much about the breed other than seeing them in the animal clinic. She only know that a large majority of them were great happy dogs, the others were just nervous like any other breed. She started to do her research and found out more about the breed history and temperament and realize this was a breed she really wanted to have.

Then when I was only about 6 months old, the unthinkable happened. Mom took me shopping at Pet Smart and let this a woman and her little girl love all over me. The woman asked what kind of dog I was and Mom responded that I was a Pit Bull. Without another thought she yanked her little girl away from me and told her not to touch me. She said that I was mean. Mom was confused and hurt.

Eleven years ago the Pit Bull bad reputation was just starting to really take off. Mom thought to herself, “My dog had not hurt anyone. How could this happen?”

Not long after, a woman in the neighborhood we were living in decided she wanted to start a petition to have me removed from the area because of my breed. It was not until her mixed breed dog had bit Mom’s husband on the nose (while I sat perfectly still while leashed) that she decided to drop the petition. It was at that time that Mom decided to fight BSL with all her might!!

Oh about me being a tripawd: When I was about 6 years old, I hurt my right knee and had surgery to fix it. However there was an unforeseen complication that caused nerve damage and I had to have a full amputation up to my hip. Mom was terrified and heart broken, but I came out on top.

This happened the same time that Mom brought home my 2nd human sibling. Mom was so proud that I showed the same love and gentleness towards my human brother; losing a leg did not change me one bit. At first my Mom learned how to help me out, how to walk, get up the stair, on to the bed, etc. Soon she learned that I did not need any help after all.

After months of lifting me onto her king-sized bed, Mom opened her bedroom door one day and I took off running and jumped onto the bed.  I turned and looked at her as if I was just busted with my paw in the cookie jar. You should see her face! Her jaw fell. 🙂 But the joke was on me: now that she knew I could do it, she would not baby me any longer. No more lifting my butt everywhere.

Now our mission go from fighting BSL to also showing people that a disability is not really a disability, but we use it as an “ability”. I am fully capable. I can do anything I want to do. My family treat me no different than any other dog (except the carpet runner in the linoleum kitchen to help me walk). I show people that just because you don’t have a leg, doesn’t mean that it has to stop you from doing what you enjoy doing.

Mom started my Facebook page after her divorce. She is amazed that me, her family member, is an inspiration, hope and strength to other people. We started volunteering. First with the Indy Pit Crew, a Indianapolis Pit Bull Education group; Mom work at their Community day helping to vaccinate animals and getting to know more people in the rescue community. There she was introduced to the woman who started Mended Hearts Rescue, the rescue group that we foster with.

Mom decided to foster after seeing my reactions to puppies at a National Pit Bull Awareness Day walk. I’m normally very placid, it takes a lot to work me up. But you bring a puppy in, my tail does not stop. I immediately take on foster daddy role. Often times when we take in fosters from animal control they are nervous, scared, unsure. The human can tell them “it will be ok” but they don’t understand. I have a special way to connect to them. They take to me quickly and within hours are curled up to me and following me around for guidance. I help these animals feel at home so much faster than the humans can.

My volunteer role with the Indy Pit Crew has been in the Kissing Booth. 🙂 I love to sit in front of the booth and give hugs and kisses to masses of people. We attended Pride in Indianapolis this year and there was a line of people waiting to meet me.

Mom told me that people connect with animals, and animals with dis”abilities” like me draw people in even more. It didn’t bother me because we use this opportunity to talk to people and educate them about the breed and about animals with disabilities.

Mom calls me her amazing baby and we hope to continue to grow our fan base because the more people we touch, the more we can spread a legacy, fight BSL and help people turn their disabilities into abilities.

I hopes you will join my cause and show the world what wonderful pets Pibbles can be.

~ Czar the Tripawd

Parent: Nikki

Editor’s Note: On October 29, 2015, Czar crossed the Rainbow Bridge. His mom Nikki wrote: “It is with the most heartfelt regret that I inform you all that after the most incredible 13 years with my knight in shining armor, it is time to say goodbye. Pain is overcoming him and he is deteriorating fast. Our lives are so full and blessed because of him and the incredible people we have met along the way.”