Cupcake, Houston, TX

Hi! My name is Cupcake! I am a pit-bull who has had a rough life.

My life started in a terrible situation with a horrible man. This man, a narcotics officer in Houston, TX, was arrested on drug charges, but when they arrested him they found me and 8 other pit bulls.

Luckily, when they seized us there was a nice man who came by and was able to save a few of us before it was too late. He was able to save three of us to be exact: Jagger, Bianca and I. We were the last survivors of this unspeakable treatment.

Jagger was the worst off as he has suffered severe injuries to his face and had to have surgery. Myself, well I was pregnant and I only had one surviving puppy, who was named Crumbs. Crumbs had been the only surviving offspring of Jagger and me.

Jagger was the first to find his forever home (he just had his One-Year Adoptiversary on May 1, 2012). I was adopted from Treat ‘Em Right Rescue (TERR) at the end of July 2011 by my new dad. He’s actually Jagger’s Mom’s brother. 🙂 He met me through her work with training me and socializing me. He fell in love with the pictures she posted on Facebook of Jagger and me on a date!

So I went from living in the kennel to living with my Dad. My Dad is awesome! He has been helping me to trust people and enjoy my life, and I have come a long way since then. I don’t hide from people as much I love dogs, and my dad takes me to play with my sister who doesn’t live us (she lives with my grandma). Her name is Roxy. She is a pit-bull mix my Dad rescued in May 2005 from Spindletop Pitbull Refuge. I get to visit with her and her 4 house mates, all rescued!

As for Bianca, she was the last of us to be adopted. She searched for her home for a long time — more than 1 year! She is my dear friend who was so loving and wonderful. We hoped and hoped that she found her permanent home soon and she did!

Bianca was the first interstate adoption TERR has done. My mom traveled with her to St. Louis to meet and introduce her to her new family and their pittie Gogo. She is living a great life up in Michigan now! (I heard it’s really cold up there! She went from hot, winterless Texas to snow, snow, and more snow! :-)) Now she has an amazing family that loves her and she can run and play outside in the freezing Michigan snow with Gogo!

As for me, I get to see Jagger still and am so glad he has been doing so well with his new family, which consists of his Pittie sister Kayla and 2 little dogs. Jagger has even been in magazines & calendars! (He is such a Rock Star!)

The three of us have found our forever homes with loving families. We are the lucky ones. My goal as well as Jagger’s, his family’s and my dad’s is to change the bad rap we pits get. And with the help of all those who give us the chance, I believe we can change that negative image that plagues my breed.

We had a horrible life once with the only thing reminding us are the old scars we bare. So don’t be afraid of me, all I want to do is love and snuggle. So be patient with me as I am weary of you at first as I am still recovering from the abuse I endured.

If you do see Jagger and me out and about, ask about us. We would like for you to learn more about us and our breed! Don’t be so quick to judge a book by its cover.

Thanks for reading my story!

Parent: Bill