Cru, Acworth, GA

Hey everybody!  I’m Cru.

I’m a bully pit (from what my parents were told)  and I was rescued from Mostly Mutts when I was 4 months old. My future mom and dad had been to 5 different shelters the day they rescued me, and they can’t believe they didn’t come home with 10 dogs that day. My mom kept telling my dad that when they saw their dog, they would absolutely, no doubt, know that “he/she” was supposed to be with them.

After a full day of “shelter hopping,” they wound up at the Pet Smart off Route 41 in Kennesaw, GA. They saw a crate of beautiful puppies that looked like cows! Those were my siblings and me. Apparently, someone had dropped the whole litter in a garbage dump!!!!! Thankfully, we were rescued and were being fostered by a very nice family in the area.

My future mom knew immediately one of us were coming home with them. They knelt in front of the crate we were all in; two of the puppies were up and playing, and the other one (me) was dead asleep in the back.

My foster mom came up to my future mom and dad as they were looking at us and told them how sweet demeanor-ed and awesome we were. So they grabbed my siblings who were up and as they were holding them trying to decide, my foster mom said, “If I were you, I’d take the all white one with spots” — which was me. She said I was by far the sweetest and the best pup out of the litter.

My future mom and dad put my siblings back and immediately I came up to the front of the crate, barreled my siblings out of the way, and stood sidewise between them and my siblings. That was all it took. I totally claimed my parents, and they knew I was coming home with them.

I had mange when my parents adopted me. Thank goodness that was I had — Lord knows what you could get from living in a dumpster!  Two and a half years later, I’m 100% healthy, happy and very spoiled. My parents called me their pumpkin!

My days now consist of running, hiking, playing Frisbee golf with my family, going to Crossfit, taking family vacations to the beach, and hanging out with my brother, Zeke!

Parents: April & Wayne