Cracker, Fresno, CA

Hi! My name is Cracker. My life started in Pinedale, CA, on October 18th, 2009.

My mother’s name was Star and my father was a 3-legged fighting dog named Brutus. I was born under the house that Sunday. The people there got us all out and we were moved somewhere warm and cozy. When I was about 12 days old, I was taken by the bad man who said I was sick and was going to die. Well, I did not die.

I was then brought to this tiny little apartment where the bad man lived with my father, Brutus and 2 other pit bulls, a male named Doobie and a female pup named Nikki. It was cold and rainy the night I met my soon-to-be-Dad.

We were all sleeping in a dog house too small for all of us. Only 2 could stay in the apartment so that left me and Doobie to stay with some neighbors. Well, the lady I stayed at did not like the puddles I left on her rug (she called me a pee pot). I was young and did not know that you needed to do that kind of thing outside (and I guess 6 puddles in 20 minutes is a lot. 🙂 I was excited!) Oh, these people are nice! They fed me all the time and played with me even if I wet the bed.

I was almost 4 months old when the bad man asked if I could stay there because the new puppy Bully was sick and he didn’t want me to get sick again. So my Daddy said yes. It was the moment we were all waiting for. We went to the PARK (what a great place!) and after that day, it was a wrap — Daddy had to have me! I was suppose to be his dog.

Mommy said, “Why her? She pees too much!” Daddy just said, “I love her. I want her.” So Mommy said, “Lets go get your dog then.” The bad man had offered me to Mommy before and she had passed because Mommy liked boy dogs.

This time, the bad man said no and took me away! I didn’t see Daddy for a week, then he came over to the small apartment to see me. The bad man saw us playing and how much Daddy loved me. He said, “Take her before I change my mind.” And Daddy did.

That day I got my first name tag (Mommy said it makes you official and respectable). Mommy told Daddy one reason she changed her mind about me was that she had heard the bad man talk about fighting me, that I was going to be a champ like my father. This kinda stuff makes Mommy real mad and she calls those kind of people really bad names.

I am Daddy’s first pit bull ever so Mommy — having some knowledge of our kind — gave Daddy some advice on how to train me. I am a high energy dog and this can get some dogs in trouble but not me. I found out that my Daddy could fly! He ran faster than me but we would spend hours working on manners so Mommy would like me more. After all I still left puddles. 🙁

I learned that the car was a great thing (it takes you to the PARK!! I grew up channeling all my energy to agility and tricks. Did I mention I’m high energy Mommy says I have ADD just like Daddy? That’s why we where meant for each other. 🙂

My manners got better and soon there were no more puddles! This made Mommy happy. Then Doobie came to live with us. He was all beat up (I was sad because I love him). Sadly my mother Star was shot by the police for defending her babies in her own yard. My father Brutus, the three-legged former fighting dog was dumped at the river and left to fend for himself. Doobie and I was lucky we got out when we did!

My family was faced with homelessness, but Mommy said not to worry, that we’ll get through this. We went camping (what a great place! All the squirrels you can chase!). And the river! This is where I have the most fun!!

Mommy found that apples work better than tennis balls for me cause no matter how much I bite it, the apples still float. I found that I can climb trees just like Daddy can. Then I went into heat and Mommy and Daddy tried to keep Doobie and Tazz from fighting over me. I would leave camp and Doobie would make the strangest sounds!! People said he was sick with it (whatever that means). One day, Mommy and Daddy went to the store leaving me in camp with the girls and when they turned their backs…well the rest is puppies! Seven of them!!

Mommy calls them Oops puppies, as they never planned on me having a litter so soon. I wasn’t even 1 yet!

The night I had my puppies, I was sleeping with the twin girls and Lexi woke up to a little puppy right next to her. She ran down the hall of the house we were staying at to tell Daddy and Mommy that I was having puppies. The whole family was in the room helping me with all of these little white babies. First was a little girl with an eye patch, then a little boy with an eye patch, another puppy solid white, then 2 more solid white males, a little male with a brindle spot in the shape of a peanut on his tail, then a little girl solid white just like me.

Mommy and Daddy had to go get the keys to our new house that day so they were very tired after being up since 3 am. I was a great mommy dog, loving and caring, I didn’t let Doobie see the babies at first but he was a proud daddy dog who loved to watch them play.

One by one the puppies began to find their new homes only one was staying the little boy with the eye patch, he was to become one of the twins’ dogs although she did not know it at the time. Mommy and Daddy had me fixed so I never had to go through heat again. (Panties on a pit bull isn’t the business Mommy says.) Doobie got fixed too.

I am 2 years old now and I’ve been a challenge to say the least. I’ve torn up the bathroom, eaten the baseboards, more shoes than Mommy can count, but in the end, my family still loves me — even though when they’re not home I get up on the kitchen table. 🙂 Don’t tell Mommy though cause now I’m her best girl.

We live with a large assortment of animals: There was Tazzy Doodles who crossed the rainbow bridge on April 23rd, 2011, Mary-Jane who was found my Mommy’s daughter Mandi wandering the streets of Clovis, CA. Doobie my man, our son Demon, Mister Kibbles the Cat (who thinks he’s a pit bull too, so don’t tell him he’s a cat), Coal the bunny, a new puppy Stormy who is blind in one eye, and the newest members, 4 baby ducklings. (Mommy says she needs her head examined. BOL!)

Mommy says she loves the unwanted. Every dog who came here was in need of saving. Just like me. And I’m so glad I found our family.


Parents: Shannon & Kenneth