Cora, Garner, NC

Hello Everypawdy!! I am Cora, also known as “Pizza”, “Pitbulina”, and “Moo Moo Chicken” among others. 🙂

I am 12 years old now. My momma rescued me from a bad man, a backyard breeder who had sold all my brothers to be “fighting” dogs and was selling me and my sisters for “bait”. When my momma and her sister found us, the bad man would not let them rescue all of us, but only one a piece. So momma rescued me and auntie rescued my sister Olivia, and they notified someone called an Animal Control Officer to go and rescue the rest of my sisters.

I was 10 weeks old and only weighed 8 pounds. I was very, very skinny! I was also extremely anemic, wormy, and covered from nose to tail in fleas and ticks. Momma, Auntie and a friend of theirs took 3 whole hours just to pick the ticks off me. 🙁

I earned my CGC and TD titles by my first birthday. My motto: “I represent my peeps!” I really enjoyed my visits to the patients at Dorothea Dix Hospital. I think I made them feel so much better. 🙂

But…. then… at around 18 months momma noticed that I was having trouble walking sometimes. She thought I had hurt my leg, and that is when the doctor’s visits started. First, my regular vet… then the orthopedist… finally the neurologist at the Veterinary School at North Carolina State University who diagnosed me with Wobbler’s Disease. He said I have a relatively mild case, which I guess is a good thing, but it is progressive so over the years, my symptoms have gotten more obvious.

An unfortunate side effect of all the diagnosing, was that I developed a severe anxiety disorder and now I do not like going anywhere (I always assume it is going to be to the vet to be poked and prodded), and everything scares me… EXCEPT other dogs. I LOVE dogs!!

My fur-family consists of 1 fur-brother named Juan Chihuahua and 2 fur-sisters Little Kita the Dachshund with EPI and our forever foster Molly the Maltese with Mr. Mo Project — all of whom are also rescues and all of whom I love love LOVE so much. 🙂

And of course the never ending parade of foster fur-brothers and fur-sisters that pass through our doors on their way to their own forever home. If I am out in public, I will always gravitate to other dogs and submissively lick their faces to make myself feel better. It seems to work for me.

I have been an official Helper Elf to the Famous Laila Ali for the past 3 years with the I’m Not A Monster organization, and am humbled and honored to have been asked by Laila herself to become an official Not a Monster myself.

I hope I can still represent my peeps in showing the world not only how amazing “Pit Bull” type dogs are, but how “differently abled” or “aged” doesn’t detract in the least from the quality of love and heart that we have!!

♥ Lub,
Cora the Wobbly Pittie Girl

Parent: Andrea