Chunk, Louisville, KY

Hi! I’m Chunk!

About a month ago, I was out wandering around when I found a backyard full of other dogs and thought I’d stop in and say hello. 🙂 The people who lived there told me “go back home” — but I didn’t have one. So, they let me stick around for a few days while they put up some flyers with my handsome face on them. No one called though, and pretty soon, I heard someone on the phone with a place called “animal control.”  They said to come pick up “the stray” and take it to a place called “the shelter.” I’m pretty sure they were talking about me… but I wanted to stay there and play!

Luckily, a nice lady found out about me and told the family to wait! She said, “I’ll take him back to my house until I can find him a safe new home.” Before I knew it, I was going for a car ride. We crossed a big river and ended up at a house where there was another lady. Both of them told me what a sweet boy I am and gave me back scratches — my favorite!! I thanked them with a bunch of kisses and wiggles because when I am happy, I just can’t be still. Then, when I thought it couldn’t get any better, they gave me a big pile of blankets to sleep on. What a change from sleeping outside!

In the morning, I went to see a doctor and got some shots. They also took my blood, and that’s when I found out I have worms in my heart. I have to have special medicine to make the worms go away, so the ladies started a ChipIn to raise money for me.

I can’t run around much because of the medicine, so I’m resting now at a really cool place just for dogs. I have my very own room, with a bed, a ceiling fan and even a TV!  I also have my own little backyard so I can potty and get some fresh air whenever I want to. 🙂

My stats:

  • Located near Louisville, KY
  • About 5-6 years old and weigh 37 pounds (but my doctor says I need to gain some weight… more treats for me — Yum!)
  • Gets along with cats
  • Friendly with other dogs, but my foster moms are working on good manners. They said something called “neutering” will help with that…
  • Up to date on shots
  • LOVE people!!

I’m neutered, healthy and ready to find a family to love me forever! 🙂

If you think you might be interested in adopting me, please email Meredith Spence at for an adoption application. And don’t forget to keep following my story on Facebook!