Christian, Arlington, WA

Hi! My name is Christian. I’m a Pit Bull who found myself homeless and on the street as a 6 month old pup in February 2012.

I was picked up by Yakima animal control in eastern Washington state, a city with BSL (Breed-Specific Legislation) that made me illegal just because of my short hair, muscular body and blocky head. My Mom still has my kennel card with “BANNED” written on it.

But I was one of the fortunate ones.

A rescue called Happy Tails Happy Homes from Bellingham in western Washington happened to be in the area. They were pulling dogs on the euthanasia list from the local shelters and taking them across the mountain pass to western Washington were they have a better chance of adoption. Some rescues only pull the ‘highly adoptable’ dogs to transport, leaving dogs like me to die in shelters.

HTHH is one of the rescues that help the ‘not quite as adoptable’ (bully-type) dogs who would otherwise never get that second chance. They took me with them.

I went into a nice foster home but despite being an amazing boy, I had some trouble finding my forever home:

  • One potential adopter had a little terrier who hated me and terrorized me until I cowered into a corner, so the rescue pulled me back
  • Another adopter returned me because I chewed up their expensive running shoes (hey, I’m a puppy…we do these things!)
  • A third adopter brought me back saying “They had a change of life-style.” ( I still don’t know what I did wrong…)

My case manager at the rescue, Noell, said I was the best pit bull she ever had but after 5 months she still couldn’t find me a home. šŸ™

Meanwhile in Arlington, my Mom was thinking about adopting another pibble as a buddy for her rescue boy Bodie. She’d been driving him to her sister’s house every weekend for doggie play-dates and thought maybe it was time for Bodie to have his own personal playmate.

She started checking Petfinders for a pittie who loved dogs and was good with cats. There were a couple good possibilities at Happy Tails, Happy Homes rescue, so she filled out an application for a female pittie-mix and submitted it with her fingers crossed.

A couple days later she got a phone call from Noell who said she’d read Mom’s application and did Mom “happen to see their listing for a pit bull named Christian?” Though she’d filled out an application for another dog, Noell thought this was finally the home I’d been waiting for.

Mom and Bodie drove to an adoption event to meet me that weekend. Bodie and I hit it off right from the start, Amigos and Partners in Crime! šŸ™‚

I went home with them that day on a two week trial adoption and never went back.

Now I have a home of my own, a best friend to play with, I go for long walks with Mom, take car rides and best of all I’m loved. But I know I’m the lucky one. Like so many others, I could have died in that shelter just because of the way I look… but thanks to a rescue group, I got a second chance.

~ Christian

Parent: Nyla