Chloe, West Caldwell, NJ

Hi! My name is Chloe and I’d like to share a little story about me, a deaf pittie mix who was named Babs.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been living in a place called a “no-kill shelter” for most of my life — 15 months! The shelter was run by a rescue group, OurBestFriends Rescue. I was adopted as a puppy, and when my humans found out I was deaf, they returned me. And I’d been sitting here ever since.

Then one day, a woman saw my story and sent it to her brother through Facebook. Her brother John and his wife were talking about getting another dog for their male APBT Chance to have as a companion. Being that Chance is black, they were looking for a white dog to offset his color. And then they saw me.

John quickly contacted the rescue group and filled out the paperwork. But sadly when they contacted him back, they told him that some other people has decided to adopt me and I was going to be a therapy dog. John’s heart was broken. He wanted to help me so badly and give me a real good home. Heartbroken as he was, he told the people at the rescue that if there was another female pit bull that needed a home, he’d like them to keep him in mind.

John checked back about a month later and guess what?! The rescue told him that they found out the people who were going to adopt me for therapy had planned to use me as a BAIT DOG!!!!

I was put back up for adoption and John filled out another set of paperwork. He even sent pictures of Chance and how “hard” his life was with them. 🙂 Then they packed up the car and brought Chance to meet me in Brooklyn, NY.

Well, it was NOT love at first sight for us. I was very submissive and Chance wanted to show me that he was the King of this castle. John begged the rescue to give him one week, and to bring me to his house to see how Chance and I got along.

John called upon a dog trainer by the name of Jodie Mellio. Jodie is the “other woman” in his life. She used to come and walk Chance while John and his wife were working. She knew about the Brooklyn incident and said she had an idea. She knew of a male Bull Terrier that was white, and we could use to socialize Chance better.

They walked Remy (the Bull Terrier) and Chance all over. They let them play day after day. John found out that Chance did not like being sprayed with a water bottle. (As a matter of fact, he HATED it!!) When he would do something that John deemed unfit, he got a spray. Well, that worked wonderfully.

On a Saturday in March, OurBestFriends Rescue came a calling with me, Ms. Babs, in tow. Jodie was there too, as she was instrumental in getting them together. Jodie took me, John grabbed Chance and off for a walk we went. This time, Chance was much more relaxed. He wasn’t the Alpha anymore — Daddy had “broken” him with a water bottle. (Yup! Big tough pit bull. LOL!) The ladies from the rescue were so excited that we finally got along, they waived the fee for the adoption. My Daddy had to force them to take gas money!

Since that day, I’m Chloe, and I have learned a new language. Its called SIGN LANGUAGE. It wasn’t easy at first, but my Daddy swears I listen better than Chance. Chance and I now have our own beds, but at around 6 AM every morning my Daddy gets a cold nose to the face, and that’s my way of saying, “Daddy, I wanna lay with you now.” So up I come to keep him warm.

I am my Daddy’s little girl and he says I am a blessing to him; I have taught him to be patient and to stop thinking about what I must go through being deaf.

I was very skittish at first and if he went to pet me, or made any furtive movements, I would get scared or jump. Now, I play rough and jump right into his lap when he’s eating on the couch. My life is just as tough as Chance’s… 😉

Before I forgot, my Daddy and I would like to thank Jodie, my Mommy, and the fabulous ladies of OurBestFriends Rescue in Long Island, NY!

Parents: John & Alexandria