ChiChi & Violet, Columbus, OH

Hello! My name is ChiChi and my sissy (sister) and bestest friend is Violet!

When I came into the CHA animal shelter in Columbus, OH, a volunteer who’s been a pit bull advocate for many years, immediately fell in love with me. I’m a blue-and-white beauty that was seized in an abuse and neglect case when I was just a puppy.

I spent my first year of life in another shelter while a case was being prosecuted against my previous owners. Then I came to the CHA shelter and the volunteer wanted to adopt me right away. You see, she’d previously had pits bulls and other breeds, but pit bulls are her favorite breed because we are so loving and loyal. However, she had another older female pit bull at home that wasn’t always dog-friendly with new dogs so she wasn’t able to adopt me.

I was at the shelter for several months before I was adopted. The volunteer was happy that I found a home, but she was sad to see me go.

About 5 month later, I was returned to the same shelter because a neighbor of my adopters had threatened to turn them in for having a “vicious” pit bull. (It’s either that or they were going to poison me!) So they returned me to keep me safe. When I was returned, the volunteer knew it was fate — that she was meant to have me in my life.

I came back in late July and in August, the volunteer learned that her dog, Blaze, had stage III mast cell cancer. Blaze passed away 2 months after her cancer diagnosis and it was heart breaking because she had gotten Blaze as a puppy 9 years earlier while she was undergoing chemo and radiation for breast cancer. Blaze was a very special girl to her and she missed her every day.

The volunteer also has a male dog Buddy who had never been an only dog and didn’t do very well after Blaze passed away, so her husband and her decided to adopt me!! I was so happy she became my Mommy!

At first, I was very timid and didn’t make up to strangers very well. When my Mommy took my Daddy to the shelter to meet me, she was amazed that I let him pet me on the first visit. They then took Buddy to meet me and we did really well together!

I had a best friend at the shelter that was found as a stray. Her name is Violet. She’s a red-and-white pittie mix and she’s been at the shelter for about 7 months. My parents are so awesome they decided to adopt both of us — and Buddy couldn’t be happier about it! 🙂

We’ve been together as a happy family since November  2010: I’m still a little shy and timid at times, but I have really come out of my shell with the help of my best friends, Violet and Buddy, and my very loving parents.

I’m a very happy girl now. I’m the laid-back one most of the time and Violet is spunky one (she always keeps my parents laughing!). My Mommy always tells us that she can’t imagine life without us.

Parent: Kathy