Charlotte, Nashville, TN

Hi! I’m Charlotte! You may have heard about me from my Facebook: Charlotte’s Road to Recovery Page.

I was found lying in the doorway of a church, way out on a country road on the Fourth of July weekend. Nobody knows how far I had dragged my broken, weary little body to get there. Members of the congregation gave me food and water, but nobody would take me in. I watched as, one by one, they all drove away, until I was left alone again…and darkness began to fall.

Then this angel arrived that night. I was still lying in the doorway of that church, lonely, frightened, in pain…but waiting still for salvation, hoping for sanctuary. Her name is Laura, from Labor of Love Animal Welfare Project. She took me home with her and had me stayed over the weekend. I was so happy I was in a warm safe place.

She brought me to the doctor, who is my second angel, Dr. Kunkel. She event spent some time napping with me under a shade tree at the doctor’s office. I continued to improve every day, and had really rounded a corner over the next few days. One of the main issues I had been battling ā€” in addition to severe Demodectic Mange, malnutrition, anemia and a seriously compromised immune system ā€” is Juvenile Cellulitis, a rare and very serious life-threatening condition which basically restricts the airway until the animal chokes. The treatment for that and the treatment for the Demodex are directly opposed to each other, so Dr. K had to maintain a very delicate balance with my treatments.

The next week, I was doing better but still remained in quarantine. I had almost no immune system so I had to be kept away from other animals. I was gaining a little weight and loved my time with humans. I’m just super cuddly and sweet. You’d never guess I was battling anemia, mange, malnutrition and Juvenile Celulitis. Dr. K had to treat me very carefully and it worked!

In less than a week, I was up to 26 pounds! I was ready to leave the vet soon! Everyone couldn’t believe how far I’d come, how far my fighting spirit has taken me. A month ago, I was a hairless and starving and so sick. Now I was gaining weight and getting better everyday!

Weeks went by and I’m getting so much healthier I’m not at Dr. K’s office anymore. I’m living with my third angel, my foster mama Lindsay! I love her so much but I’m ready for my forever home!

Here’s a little bit more about me:

  • I love other dogs and people, including children. My foster mama says I’m a SMART AND CUDDLY baby šŸ™‚
  • I’m quickly learning the house training thing
  • I sleep through the night in my kennel and loves playing with my toys. (Who doesn’t!)
  • I sometimes gets hold of something that is not a toy (a sock, a receipt, etc) but is learning “leave it”
  • I do well on the leash during my short walks (As I continue to get better, I will be able to go on longer walks!)

My foster mama says there are so many people that helped me get better (thank you!) but I still need lots of care so she told everyone that together we can do this and reach that goal. Many thanks again from my foster mama, Laura, Dr. K and her amazing staff…and little me, of course. šŸ™‚

And…the search for my forever home continues! Is it you?

Editor’s Note: Guess what? Laura is a foster failure! Charlotte’s been in her forever home all along! Charlotte wrote, “You know, I told my Laura I did not want to go live anywhere else. And she said she loved me more than anything in the world, and I could stay with her forever! So I am. Because I have a very important job, too, you see. I help all the other little doggies who come here. I help them to not be scared anymore, and let them know they will get all better, and show them how to play and other important stuff! My Laura says I am a good am-bass-a-dor, and she does not know what she ever did without me.” šŸ™‚Ā  Now her Facebook page is called Charlotte: Pitties in Pink!

Second photo courtesy of Gabe McCurdy