Charlie, Chicago, IL

Hello. My name is Charlie and I will be five years old in April.

When I was a baby, I was found hiding behind a garbage can in an alley. My mom’s uncle was walking his little dog in the alley. The dog sniffed me out and my mom’s uncle took me home. Mom doesn’t know if I was abandoned or if I got out of someone’s yard or garage. My mom’s uncle called her and she came and picked me up.

At first my new family thought there was something wrong with my back legs because they looked funny and I wobbled when I walked. But the real problem was that I was only about three or four weeks old. So I was just too little to walk properly. Now my legs are fine.

I’m a 100-pound big guy now. I know, kind of big for a pibble, but we come in all shapes and sizes.

The things I enjoy most is playing with my sister Lilly in the yard. I loved playing with her! I also love finding sticks from the yard and piling them up and of course I love my daily walks and milk bone treats.

I’m like a baby and I love sucking on blankets and pillows. It’s my favorite thing to do! My mom is always buying me blankets cause I love to suck on them — it relaxes me.

Mom thinks it is so funny seeing me, this huge dog, suck on blankets. I also knead the blanket with my paws when I do it. Mom says it’s just like I would on my doggie mom’s belly if I was nursing. I don’t like to share my blankies or pillows either. Mom likes to tease me and cover me up with my blankies, and I’d take them back! I’d make this funny whining noise as I do it. She thinks I’m so stingy! 🙂

But my favorite part of the night is bed time. I like to share my company with Mom and Grandma, so I sleep with Mom for a few hours, then I sleep with my grandma and two other pibble siblings, Lilly and Woogie.

Parent: Krissy