Capone, Mill City, OR

Hi! I’m Big Al “Capone”!

My Rescue Mom was called one day to help a few dogs. One of them was me! šŸ™‚ I guess someone had brought me to the Marion County Dog Control and Shelter trying to surrender me but they don’t take surrendered dogs. One of the volunteers couldn’t stand the thought of what might happen next and took me in until she could find a rescue. Everyone thought I was an 8-week-old pit bull.

My Rescue Mom picked me up and said I was emaciated (really really skinny), my skin was flaky and unhealthy, and I had a terrible overbite. She started me on moist puppy food and a goat milk supplement that she uses for young puppies who should still be nursing. I was too young to be on dry food and with my overbite, I couldn’t chew it right so she finger-fed me a few times the first day.

She took me to a vet and they concluded that I was about 5 or 6 weeks old and was an American Bulldog. Because of the poor condition I was in, no one wanted to start my vaccinations yet; I had to gain weight first so my Rescue Mom let me sleep on her pillow every night and would wake up with me every 3 hours to feed me and take me potty. She was so protective of my health that I used Potty Pads in the Bathroom rather than go outside on the grass, even though all of my Rescue siblings were vaccinated. Gotta love Mothers. šŸ™‚

She took me everywhere! And I do mean Everywhere. Every morning and afternoon when she took her kids to the bus stop, I would ride nestled in the crook of her left arm. I loved it! I’d lick the glass, chew on the upholstery or sometimes the kids would find something, anything to keep my attention as we drove. I was picking up weight fast and had lots of energy to play with the other dogs at the Rescue. They were so tolerant of me.

Because my late start with vaccinations, my poor health and my young age, my feet rarely touched the floor unless I was home, so I got carried lots. I was not a small puppy though so I would be carried on my back, sprawled out cause I loved to stretch and flop my head back. I got to meet so many people and they were all amazed at how cute, well loved and good I was. By the time I was 3 months old, I knew how to Sit, Lay Down and go from a Down to a Sit again.

My Rescue Mom and the Vet decided it would be best to hold off on finding me a new home until we could determine how my teeth would grow in. I have a really bad overbite and they were worried that my lower teeth would puncture the roof of my mouth. With such looming potential dental costs, they wanted to make sure that I would get the care I needed right away.

Well, I don’t have to tell anyone that once a puppy is 6 months old, they loose a lot of adoption appeal, I was no longer small (I was a pretty big guy). I had all the energy of an adolescent dog and even though I had impeccable manners once, well, I started thinking that mom was wrong and I was right and that I didn’t have to listen anymore.

Turns out that my dental issues were not going to be as extreme as everyone had once thought, but my medical problems did not stop there. One of my nostrils were deformed and hard to breathe out of so sometimes I get sinus infections and I can suffer from air pollutants. I snore like a lumberjack at night and well, I had a bladder control problem a while ago.

My Rescue mom suspects that I was from a breeder who culled their litter by giving me to anyone who would take me. She thinks my overbite prevented me from nursing correctly and that is why I was so horribly thin. Either way, I am thankful for being with my Rescue mom. She has always made sure I was well loved, well cared for and never wanted for anything.

I am not as big as I should be; I have an overbite, a crooked tail and a deformed nostril but I am a good dog. šŸ™‚

The sad thing about being a Bully Breed is that not many people can adopt me, and because I am not a puppy, my chances of finding a home are even slimmer. Not liking cats, being picky about my dog friends and being leash reactive sometimes means I need an experienced Bully owner who knows how to work with me and give me all the best. I know that my options are limited, but I hold out hope every day that there is someone out there willing to make me a priority and not an option.

My Quick Stats:

– I’m located in Mill City, Oregon, near Salem
– My adoption fee is $100
– I’m fully vetted

See more of me at my Facebook photo album, and don’t forget to checkout my Rescue mom’s organization, The GoodFellas Rescue.

If interested in adopting Capone, contact Danielle at or call 503-897-2426.