Capo, Greenville, SC

My name is Capo, which means “Top Dog” or “Boss” in Spanish. I was born eight years ago on January 1. I guess you can say I am a lucky New Year’s baby.

The first time I met my furever mom, I was in a small cage at the Humane Society. I remember being hungry, scared and cold. See, I had just been picked up that morning by an Animal Control Specialist and my coat was still covered in feces, urine and all of the fleas that had made my body their home. They seemed to be just as nervous as I was because they kept jumping all over my fur. I didn’t smell very good.

But, worst of all, I wasn’t very well taken care of and I wasn’t healthy. All of my bones were popping out of my skin, like a piano, or a xylophone. Mom tells the story and says I was severely emaciated. And she says I was most likely held in a cage and dumped on the side of the road because there was so much poop stuck to my body.

My mom walked over to me, slowly placed a finger on my face and she started to cry. I didn’t understand this. She said to me, “I’ve been looking for you. I’ll be right back.” She walked over to the woman with the T-shirt that read “Humane Society” whispered something to her and before I knew it, I was being taken out of my cage and brought into a small room.

The room was warmer than my cage and I was happy to stretch my legs. I felt an immediately connection with my mom and since she sat on the floor I slowly walked over to her and I sat on her lap. This made her cry again. She did this a lot on our first day together. I thought maybe I broke her?

Mom took out her phone and when the other person on the line answered she said, “They will only hold him today until 5 pm. Can you come now?” I found out later she was talking to my dad. My life up until this point is a little fuzzy. The Humane Society told my mom I was found abandoned on the side of a busy highway and Animal Control brought me to the Humane Society to be cleaned up and adopted.

Lucky for me, my mom did not want to wait! She bathed me, removed as many fleas from my coat as possible, and we waited in the room until my dad arrived. When my dad walked through the door something came over me. I ran to him and jumped into his arms. I had never done this with a human before. And, just like that we were a family! 🙂

Before we arrived home we made a stop at PetSmart, which is now my favorite place in the whole world. My parents bought me food/water bowls, a plush bed, large bags of dry food, treats and so many toys I was overwhelmed. All of this for me?

As soon as we got home my dad poured the food in my bowl, placed me on his lap and fed me every-single-piece-of-kibble by hand. He said, “I want you to get used to my scent. You will never go hungry. Anytime you want to eat, just ask! But, I want you to learn how to eat with manners, and, to understand that you will never have to protect your bowl or growl if anyone, or, anything gets near you.” First lesson on day one: Don’t be bowl aggressive. Check! To this day, I will gladly share my food and my water with anyone and everyone. Thanks, Dad for teaching me how to share!

I became comfortable with my new surroundings pretty quickly. Dad was true to his promise. I always had food available to me. Mom and Dad let me sleep with them on their bed whenever I asked. But, to be honest, I was perfectly content to sleep on my own plush bed surrounded by my chew toys. My bed was right next to theirs anyways, so I was never alone. My first month home was filled with family visits, walks at the park, and doggie day care visits.

I met my grandparents, my aunt and my uncles. Everyone was so nice to me and started teaching me Spanish. Yep. I am bi-lingual. I understand English and Spanish. That makes me extra special I am told.

My parents said they wanted to expose me to as many social interactions as possible the first month I was home. My aunt is a Special Education elementary school teacher. So one day, my mom dropped me off to school in the morning and told me I would be spending the day with very special children that had a lot of needs and she wanted me to be on my best behavior. She said there were children in the room that were very sick and it was up to me to help put a smile on their face today. My aunt introduced me to the class and said I was their guest for the day. Boy did I have fun! I got to spend the day with children who were about my height who just wanted to play with me. I will always be grateful for that experience.

I was also taken to doggie day care a few times a month. This is where you go to a big room where you get to play with dogs all day long. I made a lot of friends here. I guess you can say, this is why I am so sociable and I’ve never met a dog I didn’t like.

I am now eight years old and I live with my parents in beautiful South Carolina. We recently added a baby Boston Terrier to our family. He was also adopted from a couple who had too many animals in their house. He had 10 other brothers and sisters living with him so when he came to our house we immediately became best friends. One of my favorite things to do is to visit my aunt. She has two small sons who I love to play with.

I will always be grateful to my parents for taking me in even when I was at my worst: Skinny, stinky, covered in poop, urine and fleas. More importantly, they were never turned off by the fact that I am a Pitbull. Lots of strangers approach us when we are out and say “Is he friendly?” … my mom sighs every time and says, “Yes, he is very friendly. I will bite you before he does. If you want to touch him, just ask him, he won’t say no.”

I am Capo. I love to play with my soccer ball, my little brother, and fluff all the pillows on mom and dad’s bed before taking a nap. I do some pretty cool tricks too. I can speak on command, give you a kiss when you say “Beso” and jump really really high!

Get to know me before you judge me. I may have had a rough beginning, but, my parents have more than made up for it. I didn’t know it at the time, but, my mom and dad needed me just as much as I needed them.


Parents: Maria & Manny