Butter, Marietta, GA

Hi! My name is Butter! I was just a puppy who had been left by my breeders with someone who did not want me.

My story started off when a boy meet a girl and they each had un-fixed pitbulls, Charlie and Marley. Of course, being un-fixed, Charlie & Marley wasted no time creating a beautiful litter of six.

The boy and girl sold five of the pups and the girl decided to keep one for herself. That was me and she named me Caution. Then the girl and the boy split up and had to both move out of the place they were renting.

The boy kept Charlie and the girl was able to place Marley right away, but she basically left me to her mom’s care. I guess the girl didn’t want me anymore. The mom didn’t want me either — I was an 8-week-old pit bull with a really nasty skin infection. And I was dirty too! 🙁

She asked around so she can find a home for me. Luckily, the Forsyth County Animal Shelter gave her All or Nothing Pitbull Rescue‘s contact information so she showed up on their doorstep and pleaded for me.

All or Nothing Pitbull Rescue started working to find a home for me by posting my photos on Facebook. My Mom saw my photos and I think she just fell in love with me.

After I was adopted, my parents named me Butter because I was such a chubby puppy. I have a brother named Goose who is my best furriend! Goose is a Bull Terrier. My Mom & Dad got him from his breeder, who basically was a puppy mill, and Goose had been discounted because he was older. (That’s not cool because he wasn’t old at all — he was only 5 months old!)

I love my human brothers and sister. And of course I love my Mom and Dad! I am always trying to give kisses to everyone…including the cats! 🙂


Parent: Maren