Butch, Tucson, AZ

Hi! I’m Butch! And let me tell you about my life.

My life is so amazing! I don’t really remember being anywhere else except with my family because they adopted me when I was only 5 weeks old.

My mom tells me all the time what a good boy I am and how lucky I am (I see her crying over other dogs like me who are not so lucky).

My favorite human of all is my dad! He calls me all sorts of names…”Butch, Butchie, Booter Head, Booter Dumplins, Pooper Head”, and I know them all. He uses “Booter Dumplins” a lot.

He plays with me every night before we go to bed; I jump up on his bed and Dad puts his hand under the blanket and moves it around for me to try to catch it. Sometimes I do, and boy is he sorry then! It irritates Mom sometimes because she is trying to read, but I can’t help it! 🙂 It is so much fun!

When I get tired I curl up in a ball right between Mom and Dad. Mom says it feels like sleeping with a rock! But she always curls up around me anyway.

My second favorite human is my baby Owen. He is my 1 1/2 year old human. He only comes over once a week because he belongs to my mom’s daughter, but when he does come over, I watch over him all the time. Sometimes Owen likes to pull on my ears or step on my feet, but I know he doesn’t mean to hurt me. I just give him a big lick across his face and that usually makes him run away! 🙂

One time, around 5.30 in the morning, Owen snuck in my parents’ pantry and snagged the Pringles, wrangled the lid off and conspired with me to eat the whole can. My Mom caught us and she didn’t get mad; she just laughed and quickly took a picture. Who doesn’t love Pringles for breakfast?

Probably my favorite thing to do is go out in the back yard and run big laps. Sometimes Girlie, my canine sister, wants to chase me so I run as fast as I can! Mom and Dad always start laughing and making zoom sounds. They say, “There he goes…having a pit fit,” whatever that means.

It is a big yard but there is a swimming pool in one corner and one time Girlie fell in when she was chasing me! She swims good though and got right out.

I love to try and catch the birds that live in the trees in our backyard. I try really hard, and try to be very sneaky but I just can’t seem to catch one!

My mom takes me for walks and I don’t understand why people don’t come up and pet me? I really, really like people but they always look so nervous when they see me coming. I would love it if more people would let me give them kisses.

Mom says maybe one day people will start to understand how wonderful I am and things will change. Until then, I will always have my wonderful family who loves me so much.

I am a lucky boy.

~ Butch

Parent: Cassandra