Buster, Aberdeen, Scotland

Hi! I’m Buster. I’m a Staffordshire Bull Terrier who was adopted on January 2nd, 2012.

My parents say I have a mystery background. Nobody knows where I came from, how old I really am (the humans are just approximating that I’m almost 2 years old now) or if I’d had any vaccinations.

My dad’s friends’ friend posted on Facebook that she was looking to re-home me. She had rescued me from another owner who couldn’t look after me. I was underweight, had ear infections, was very timid around the other dog I lived with, who obviously dominated the house.

My dad got in touch with her and my mom told me that when they saw me, they just fell in love! 🙂

My parents took me to the vet to check on my severe ear inflections and it turned out that I actually has a chip, which shows my vaccinations were done. However it looked like I came with hip dysplasia. My mom said it was not a good start for me, her “little man”.

The woman who rescued me advised my parents that I had no interest in toys, walks or anything. This turned out not to be the case. Mom says I’ve come on leaps and bounds since they got me. I was quite withdrawn with my parents in the beginning with but after a few weeks I started to cuddle with them for longer and followed them from room to room. Now the three of us are inseparable!

I love playing with plastic bottles and my turtle! My turtle’s name is Squirt and no, he’s not real! BOL!! It’s one of my favorite teddies, I carry him everywhere with me! I especially love to cuddle with him in bed.

My parents say I am amazing on walkies and I always come back. I’m just full of life and love. I even have a fan club of the local kiddies! My mom says she can’t even take me for a pee without me getting stroked to death! 🙂

You will hear my parents brag that I am truly an amazing dog. They tell people that they have never had a dog so cuddly, loveable, loyal and with such a calm temperament. Yet still, when we walk down the road, some people cross the street so as not to go near me. Funnily enough, it is always the parents who do this, not the children. Hmmm…

I just wish people could look past the prejudice against me and see me for what I am, a lovely loyal cuddly boy who wants everyone to be his friend.

My mom told me about I’m Not a Monster and I think it’s brilliant! I hope that we can spread the word and cure people’s ignorance towards specific dogs. Not just pit bull or staffies like me, but all dogs defined as “dangerous” by stupid rules like BSL.

Kind regards and licky kisses!

Parents: Hollie & Kyle