Buddy, San Clemente, CA

Hi! I’m Buddy. My story started off in rural Riverside County, California, and I was not a pretty sight.

I was sitting in a horse property, covered in bloody wounds. There was another pit bull with me. I didn’t know how I got there, nor how I would survive. I was just hoping for the pain to go away…

Suddenly a car came by and stopped. A woman stepped out and the other dog took off. I was too weak — I was bleeding a lot — so I just waited for her to do what she wanted with me. Humans had not been kind to me…

The woman was the ranch owner on her way to take her kids to school. She never ever touched a pit bull before and, of course, she’d heard all the stories so she wasn’t sure what to do. She didn’t know if we were dumped and were bait dogs.

She saw that I didn’t move as she approached. She then took the chain collar around my neck and walked me to the horse stall. She didn’t have the heart to leave me. I followed her because for some reason, unlike all the other humans I met before, I knew she was going to help me. Her name is Venice and she would become my rescuer, my guardian, my angel.

She had the horse trainers at the ranch watch over me while she decided what to do. She had called animal control but when she came back to see me, she saw that I was sweet despite all my wounds.

She had no doubt I was in a lot of pain and that I really didn’t want to move. There was a lot of blood coming out of me and all animal control would do is throw me in a cold box, leave me  in pain then probably put me down.

I looked at her and she knew. She named me Buddy and called her vet instead.

She took me in and told the vet to let her know the cost before they started to do too much because she couldn’t afford very much. As you can see, I was in bad shape.

I could barely walk. I have bite marks all over me. Both my front legs was all torn up with deep wounds. The right side of my face has a lot of damage to it, swollen all the way up to my right eye. I could not open my mouth wide so I can only eat soft food. I groaned the whole time, although pain is nothing new to me (everyone could see I had older scars all over me).

The doctor started fixing me and kept me overnight. My guardian cried on her way home, asking God for help because she knew she can’t afford the cost.

When she got home, she went on Facebook looking for rescues. She found a few and posted my picture and right away she found people wanting to pitch in for the vet bill. A ChipIn was set up (she had no clue how to do any of these dog rescue thing before), people came together, networked me everywhere and pretty soon my vet bill was covered. She also created a Facebook page for me, Dog Rescue for Buddy, where everyone can follow my story and check on my progress.

Slowly but surely, I was on my way to recovery. One day at a time.

After I was well enough, I came home to my guardian’s house to get better. I love it there because I got to play in the yard. Did I tell you that  my guardian quickly remade her yard for me? Since she didn’t know how I would be with her dogs, she put up a fence and other things to secure all the dogs. She did all that for me and that’s why I love her and her whole family.

I had a few complications because my eye didn’t want to heal (it eventually did). I got better everyday and nothing beats recovering in a home where you’re loved. I loved all the kids and I was so sweet to the other dogs — even though the Doberman was not that friendly at first (she warmed up to me in the end, she just couldn’t resist my charm :-)).

I am such a love bug I changed my guardian’s view of pit bulls. She told me that I turned out to be this great, amazing, sweetest dog she has ever known.

Unfortunately, she knew she could not keep me because she felt that I was dropped off by someone close in the area and she knew I needed out of our area. So after living with her for five months, she reached out a rescue group to help find me a forever home.

Soon she got a call from a great family that lived in San Clemente. My guardian talked to them a lot online before I was brought over to meet them. Well, they loved me right away! My guardian was so relieved!!

There was a little snag at first. Their dog Kona didn’t really know what to do with me. It took her a little time to get along with me but she finally excepted me. I guess, she just needed to let me know she’s the boss. As you can see, she likes to sit ON me! I don’t mind it though. 🙂

My new family adores me so much! I’m truly spoiled now. I live ten short minutes from the beach (walking distance!) and I go there regularly! They also renamed me Buddha because they felt the new name fit me perfectly since I’m calm, peaceful, and I like to sit like a statue in front of the gate (that’s my favorite spot to bask in the sun).

Kona and I sleep at the foot of our parents’ bed. You know, just keeping an eye on things. And the other night, around 2 o’clock in the morning, there was a HUGE crashing sound! Almost like something fell out of the sky and landed on the garage roof. Before my dad had a chance to spring out of bed and get to the back door, I was already outside, fully alert, looking like I would jump in front of a bullet to protect my family. (And I would!!)

My dad was SO proud of me. He said I stood there looking absolutely fearless but calm and in control. (Oh, of course, Kona was fast asleep as was my mom.) My dad called me back inside and locked the door, heart pounding. He checked everything in the morning and found nothing but my dad was just so proud of me. He was hugging me all morning!

I’m so loved and my family is amazing! I am so grateful for my guardian, Venice. I’m glad she found me and disregarded everything she’d ever heard about pit bulls, trusted her instinct instead and took a chance on me — an unwanted bloodied pit bull.

Who knew my story turned out so great? Because one human saw past my scars, I found love. ♥

~ Buddy aka Buddha

p.s. My awesome guardian Venice continues to rescue strays who crossed her path so check Dog Rescue for Buddy often, she may have other dogs like me who may need your help find their happy ending.

Parent: Doug