Bubba G., Kanab, UT

My name is Bubba G. People ask my mom what the G stands for, and sometimes she says “goof”. šŸ™‚

I am generally a very good natured, exuberant puppy of a dog. I am a klutz. I am an athlete. I am a cuddler. And I am a clown.

I am NOT a monster.

In March of 2015 I was found laying beside a dumpster in an alley in Denver. I was covered in wounds that were “consistent with dog-fighting”. Some were old, some were new, some were infected.

The newest and worst wound was on top of my head, where my entire scalp and ears had been torn from my skull.

Denver Animal Control picked me up and rushed me to the vet. It took more than 5 surgeries to try and repair the damage I had sustained.

Some of the surgeries were minor…removing an infected dew claw. But some were extremely major. Thank goodness they were able to save one of my ear canals, or else I wouldn’t be able to hear at all.

After two months of medical care and healing, I was ready to find a home of my own. Because of a long standing breed ban, Denver Animal Control is unable to adopt out pit bull terrier type dogs. A rescue group has to “pull” a dog. There were a lot of groups that wanted to take me. But ultimately it was decided that I would go to Coloradogs.

Coloradogs is a small private rescue. They are primarily foster based, but two lucky dogs at a time get to stay at Nancy’s house in the “rad pad”. Nancy has done work with Bad Rap, and she based the rad pad on Bad Rap’s barn. I got to move in and enjoy all the benefits of living in a warm, happy, enriching, safe place.

While I was staying at Nancy’s, a very nice lady came to see me and take me on outings. Her name was Rachel, and she told me all about her dog: Oscar the Vicktory Dog. Rachel even took me to her office, so she could see how I’d do in an environment like that.

Right around the same time I was making myself at home at the Rad Pad, a family in Arizona was trying to deal with the grief of losing a very special family member.

Ray the Vicktory Dog was a little brown dog with a huge personality. He was also a former “Monster.” He had died unexpectedly and his parents, Kevin and Jacque, were having a hard time trying to get over his loss.

One day Jacque decided that she couldn’t bear the silence of her office every day. She wasn’t walking any more. She didn’t have anyone to cuddle.

The other family dog, McCaela the Turtle, was 100% Kevin’s dog. She liked Jacque, but not enough to spend every day in her office. She much preferred staying home and sleeping on the couch.

So Jacque started looking on-line at dogs needing a home. None of them seemed exactly right. She was looking for a dog who was friendly and who had good dog skills. She wanted a dog who wasn’t a puppy, but who wasn’t too old. She wanted a dog who liked to train and was good with all sorts of people.

Jacque knew her friend Rachel had been volunteering at Coloradogs and had even done some fundraising for them. So she decided to take a chance and emailed Nancy.

Nancy emailed her back right away and told her:

“We actually have a great boy here named Bubba G we are searching for the perfect home for. He was found in Denver terribly wounded and with his ears completely removed. He spent 2 months at the Denver shelter getting fixed up and we pulled him a week ago.

He is so so sweet, loves being out around town, has done great with large dogs but can be a bit dicey around small ones. He is most likely a no cat boy but is super soft in temperament and so responds really week to correction.

He has shown zero tendency to be destructive at all or to go to the bathroom inside the Rad Pad. Rachel hung out with him yesterday so she can give you a great run down.”

Jacque emailed Rachel and asked what she thought. Then Kevin and Jacque had lots of talks about taking on another dog so soon. But it didn’t take long for them to decide I was the right dog for them.

A wonderful volunteer named Deanne offered to drive me halfway home. She even rented a car to help get me there. My mom and I met her at a gas station just past the Colorado/Utah border. Mom took one look at me in Deanne’s car and called dad to say “we need to buy more dog food”.

I guess I’m a little bigger than she expected! šŸ™‚

Now I have a room of my own with tons of toys. Every weekday I go with my mom to work. We take lots of walks and I get to meet new people every day. Mom works at an animal sanctuary, so everyone here is happy to stop and pet me.

I go to class with mom several times a week so that I can become something called a “therapy dog”. I think that just means I will have even more people to love on me.

Every morning and every evening my mom or dad and I play “ball”. I have about 20 identical balls that I love more than anything. I even carry one in my mouth when I go for a walk.

Turtle and I are becoming good friends. It took awhile, but now we even play together. Every night we go for a walk together with mom and dad.

My life started out a bit rough. People tried hard to make me a monster. But I’m not and will never be one.

I am Bubba G and I am a very good dog.

~ Bubba G

Parents: Jacque & Kevin