Bruno, Sydney, Australia

My name is Bruno. I’m two and a half years old and I live in Sydney, Australia.

This girl Ruth started a Facebook page called Bull Breeds in Need here in Australia and when she was adding the death row listings one day, she saw my cheeky little face. She thought there must be something wrong with me behaviourally that I hadn’t been adopted or rescued. And she knew from experience that it’s silly to fall in love with a photo.

As she was rushing out the door, her husband Dave came home. She told him she was going to look at a dog in the pound but not to worry, if he’s a nice boy he’ll only be a foster until a home can be found for him. They already had three rescued bull breeds living with them and they had a Husky previously, so being a four-dog household wouldn’t make them any more crazy dog people than they’d been before.

When she got to the pound, she didn’t see me because I was sitting so quietly in the little dog section. I had been picked up as a stray with my sister. Apparently our owner was on holidays but knew we were there and didn’t bother to send someone to get us. No one knows why, we’re nice dogs and we were only about 6-8 months old.

Ruth’s a dog photographer, so when she took me out of the kennels to meet me and temperament test me, she also took some adoption photos. I sat and stayed and looked right into the camera. It was then that she decided I was going to be a foster failure! 🙂

My sister Juno got rescued by Puppy Love Rescue and we both left the pound and went into foster care. Ruth broke the news to Dave that she thought I was a keeper and made a deal that if I slotted into the pack without any dramas that I could stay.

They crated and rotated for the first week and I fitted in better than they could have ever imagined. I’m no threat to anyone, I just want to play. “Is that your toy? You’re growling at me cause you want me to take it, right?” Play bow, play bow, snatch, boing, boing, boing!

I love all dogs. In fact, my love of all dogs is my only fault. I love them so much I want to run up to them in the park and go crazy with them. Not a lot of dogs (or their humans) like that. Despite this, I’ve never reacted badly, even when I got told off. If I see another dog when I’m onlead the crazy comes out even worse because I’m not able to play.

I’m getting better though. I go to group obedience classes once a week and I see a behaviourist regularly. The scream is now an obnoxious whine and hopefully one day Ruth will be able to bring me everywhere without me being an embarrassment. My goal is to be the best ambassador for rescue bull breeds that I can be. I’m 95% there!

Ruth and Dave sometimes foster puppies for Fetching Dogs. Secretly I think they only do it for me because they love watching me play with them. I don’t really teach them anything that an older dog should but they learn that big dogs aren’t scary. Everyone says I’m very patient with them. All the little red puncture holes on my neck are testament to that. 🙂

I’m not a service dog or a therapy dog. I was never abused or badly neglected. I’m not an athlete by any stretch of the imagination. The only job I have is occasionally modeling collars for Ruth and Dave’s leather business, Ruthless Leather, and keeping everyone at home and on my Facebook page entertained.

I’m just an average rescue bull breed like so many others in every pound and shelter around the world. Open your home to one today; you won’t regret it.

~ Bruno

All photos courtesy of Ruthless Photos, run by Ruth O’Leary, an award-winning photographer based in Sydney, Australia. She volunteers her time and effort to ensure our dogs get the best photos they could possibly have to get noticed and organizes fundraisers to help organizations like Fetching Dogs continue to save lives.