Brooklyn, Moreno Valley, CA

Hello, My name is Brooklyn.

I was born July 2, 2010. I was the last puppy of the litter to be sold. My mom picked me up at Home Depot parking lot. I was an anniversary present to my mom for herself. I was bought “on the sneak” to put it clear.

I was 6 weeks old when I came home to meet my best friend D.J. He is an only child and he was sooo happy to see me pee on the rug when my mom brought me home and woke him up with me as a surprise!

My dad on the other hand was not too happy to see me. He told mom to ger rid of me since I was a pit bull breed and wanted nothing to do with me since I would become a “big dog.” My mom was upset since she had brought me home and loved me at first sight. But as the day went on, he warmed up to me. Dad is from Brooklyn, NY, which is how he decided on my new name. I also have a nickname, “Pitty”!

Mom wanted me to sleep in a box next to the bed but I cried and dad told mom to put me in their bed. I was so comfy and was happy to be part of my new family. They take many photos of me as I am growing up. (They can’t help it — I’m so darn cute! :-))

Most people are afraid of me but my mom tells them that I am a good girl and that my breed is not a bad one. She tells them always that “it’s all how you raise them!”

I enjoy rides in the car, walks, and dog treats too. I know how to bark on command, sit, wave my paw and shake. I am a very mellow girl and I am much loved.

Thanks for letting me share because “I’m not a Monster”!

Parents: Nancy & David