Brooklyn, Hoboken, NJ

Hi. I’m Brooklyn, a shepherd/chow mix. My story is not an easy one but it ends well and I thought if I shared it others would see that dogs like me just need a chance to be loved and cared for.

Four years ago I was left alone, starving and recovering from some pretty bad abuse on the streets of Chicago. I was in rough shape but I managed to find my way to a park where there were lots of other dogs and humans. I sat on the side hidden in the bushes too scared to go up to anyone, but I was very hungry. You could see all of my bones and even count each rib. I don’t know exactly how long it had been since I had last eaten, but as I watched the other dogs and people I noticed a small brown dog who was playing and getting  treats. I wanted one bad. Still I couldn’t get up the courage to go over to the dog or her people.

As the park began to clear out and most of the dogs left with their people I noticed the women with the small brown dog looking at me. She seemed to have realized that I was alone without a human of my own. Slowly she walked over to me. I was scared but I saw she had food in her hand. I laid down on the ground and she came a little closer. Then she knelt down, reached out her hand and held out the only food I seen in a while. I was still scared but I was starving so I got up and slowly moved toward her. She moved closer and I took the food. It tasted so good. Suddenly I felt a hand on my head and I flinched, remembering what had happened to me in the past, but all I felt this time was gentle petting. She spoke to me and pet me. She called me a good boy and I followed her back to where the man was standing with the little brown dog. I sniffed the little dog and we played a bit. Then they started to walk away. I walked after them not wanting to be left alone. She turned around, called me to her and brought me into a big black car and drove me to the local animal shelter.

At the shelter they gave me food and made sure I didn’t bite or show any aggression. The only thing I didn’t like was when they moved too fast at me. I got really scared that they would hurt me like the other people had. I would duck and cower but they never hit me. No one would ever hit me or starve me again because I went home with the man and women, where they became my mom and dad and gave me a safe place to live.

At first I was still scared and I had trouble eating if I was alone so my mom would make sure to sit with me on the floor so I felt safe in my new home. After a while I put on weight, ate when I was offered food (I still need to be told it is OK before I eat), I learned to take treats, and I even started to play with toys. The first day I picked up a stick and played fetch my mom was so happy she cried because I was finally moving away from my past. My old wounds have healed and now that I have a loving home I am completely loyal and committed to my mom and dad, and to the little brown dog! I sit, stay, lay down and given them my paw when I’m asked. Once when some men tried to come into our apt and it was just my mom and I home alone, I barked so loud that I scared them away.

Mom said I may have even saved her life. My mom tells everyone that I am the best dog she has ever seen. That all I want is to be loved and that even if I am big and even if the breeds I come from get a bad reputation, I am gentle and kind. I am very lucky that my mom and dad didn’t judge me for being the kind of dog I am but took the opportunity to see that underneath it all I’m just a sweet dog, who had a rough life and needed some compassion and chance to show just how devoted and loving I can be.

Parents: Megan & Robert