Brody, Mount Holly, NJ

Hi! My name is Brody. My story started a year ago when I ended up on the euthanasia list in the infamous NYC ACC shelter.

Hours went by and NO ONE came forward. It seemed New York was content to just sit back and watch me, a handsome, friendly, highly adoptable dog be pumped full of poison and tossed into a freezer…

And then my miracle came along. Her name is Margie. She offered to be my fairy dog-mother if a rescue would get him out of that hellhole. And so a rescue pulled me.

When they went to microchip me, they found out I already had one. Yes, I was already chipped but they had missed it when I first arrived at the shelter; they were just going to kill me. So ten more days I had to sit in a cage at the shelter while they attempted to contact his “family.” After 10 days, my “family” never materialized. So off to New Jersey I went!

You would think this would be the happiest part of the story, right? I mean, I made it out of hell, out of a place where 20 to 30 of  my kind are on the kill list every single day. But I didn’t find a new family. I live in a cage still…for an ENTIRE YEAR!

I am staying at the Bryan Animal Hospital in Mount Holly, NJ. For 365 nights, I’ve laid my head down and dreamed that I will wake up no longer behind bars. 365 mornings have come and yet still I wait.

Why? Why do some dogs find a home right away while others languish in boarding kennels for months or even years? Is it because people only want to be a hero and save a dog that is about to be killed? Well, I AM one of those dogs! But I am one of the lucky ones — I’m a survivor.

The wonderful staff  at the hospital love me so much but it’s time now for me to move on. They don’t want me to go completely cage crazy — there is only so much love and socialization they can give me here. I need to be back in a home with toys, treats, soft bedding and the love that only a family can provide.

One of the staff, Jessica (I call her my Aunt Jess), is working real hard to find me a home so I don’t have to sleep in a cage anymore. I even have a Facebook page: Help Brody Find His Forever Home. She said I’m a handsome boy, truly a love and have her full heart and attention.

She noticed that sitting behind bars is making me more and more depressed and that saddened her. (She wished she could afford her own place because I would have be on her couch already.)

So she did what she can, pleading with anyone and everyone to help me. She will drive me to meet you if you open your heart and house for me; she just wants me to have a real home.

Here’s my quick stat:

  • I’m a 2 1/2 yr old pit mix
  • UTD on vaccines, neutered and microchipped
  • I went to 4 weeks of boot camp training and passed my obedience training
  • I’m a very active boy and I love every person I meet
  • I’m playful and friendly, good walking and playing with other dogs but don’t like to share my toys so a home without any other pet is best
  • I need a patient owner who is willing to teach me the kind of manners any young dog needs to learn to grow into a well-rounded adult

I had a family once and I survived euthanasia once. I just need to find my next miracle: A real hero — one who wants to “save” me and give him a loving home, even if there is no Facebook stardom attached to it, no virtual pats on the back from strangers on the internet.

Do you have what it takes to be that kind of hero for me?

Thank you and love always,

Editor’s Note: After a trial stay with a potential family, on July 18, 2013, Brody is adopted! He now has a pittie sister, Princess, and loves going to the beach with his forever family! 🙂