Brodie, Waurika, OK

Hi! My name is Brodie.

I was not very loved in my old home. I was kept tied out in the corner of a very small yard. I had a harness on that was 2 sizes too small and had begun to cut into me on my chest and side. I had no food and no water. I had never known the affection of love or kindness.

I was about 6 months old when my mommy rescued me and brought me home. In my new home, mommy introduced to my best friend, Suzi. I loved Suzi! She’s a pit bull just like me. We would play for hours. I also love playing outside. Watch me playing in the snow!

I loved my “daddy”! At night I would crawl in bed with him and receive my nightly belly rub before he went to sleep. I would always greet him at the door when he came home too. My mommy says I was truly a sweetheart and one of the gentlest dogs they had ever met.

Everyone who ever met me was in love at first sight. They all kept saying if my parents ever needed to let me go that they had first dibs on me. I know my parents loved me and I did not want to ever leave them. But one day I got out of my fence and was attacked by another dog. I didn’t know how to fight or how to defend myself. I did not survive the attack.

I miss my mommy and daddy and I know they miss me. Suzi misses me too. They buried me out at my grandpa’s farm. They visit me often. I know that I will see them again when it is their time to come.

Parent: Evelyn