Brodie, Lomita, CA

Hi, my name is Brodie! I found my home in 2009.

I was found by a nice lady in Compton, CA. She saw me wandering around and got me so I wouldn’t get hurt on the streets. She looked for my owners but came up empty.

The nice lady put me in her car and drove to find her friend at work, but he wasn’t there. She went next door and met a couple of nice men — Dan and Sean. They talked — she needed to find her friend or I would have to go to the pound.

I was so scared. Dan kept looking at me and when the nice lady mentioned “pound” he stepped up and said he would take me. The nice lady and Dan (who is now my dad) worked it out so that his girlfriend would pick me up after she got off of work.

I sat in the nice lady’s house waiting for something to happen! And then it did. Another nice lady came to the front door and was looking for me! She introduced herself as Dan’s girlfriend, Jessica (who is now my mom). This was it — I was going somewhere else, somewhere new.

But I was still so scared because I didn’t know what was going on. When Jessica came to get me from the couch, I peed all over it. The nice lady told Jessica that I did that in her car too but she looked at me and said everything was going to be okay. I let Jessica pick me up and take me to her home.

We got to what was going to be my home and it was big! There was a yard and another dog already there. My mom and dad had a roommate and he was really nice too.

She took a good look at me once we got settled and realized I was in bad shape. My ribs were showing and my ears were scarred from bites. I have a tear on one side of my ear as well. I was dirty and scared.

My back was the worst though: there was a nasty gash from the top of my tail to the middle of my back. It was open and infected. I don’t really remember what happened or how I got it.

My mom went inside the house and came out with a warm rag and a medical kit. She shaved my back and got as much of the caked and scabbed infection off of my back. I was given fresh water and food, but I wasn’t hungry.

For this first time ever, I was brought to a bed and got to sleep on it! I got really sick my first night home and Mochi, my new sister, slept right next to me and never left my side.

The next day my mom took me to see the vet. They looked me over and said I was about 6 months old. When told about my back, the infection, and how I was sick, the vet said I most likely spiked a fever but that I should be okay now.

I was given a clean bill of health (aside from my healing back). When we got home, I felt much better and finally got to play with Mochi!

While living with my new family, I started to show quirks (as my mom likes to call them) in my personality. We found out that hoodies, when they are on someone’s head, scare me a lot. So do construction or steel toed boots. My tail goes between my legs and I try to hide somewhere.

So we have a routine in the house so I don’t get scared anymore: hoodies cannot be on and construction boots stay outside. Mom says everything is okay and that I will always be safe.

Six years later, I am as happy as can be. I have a new brother, Sonnie, and the three of us are now a pack – the Knuckleheads as mom likes to call us! 🙂

I am slowly working on not being scared. Mom and I go to training sessions and visit Robin from Zoom Room in Redondo Beach, CA. She is really nice. I am working up to get my Canine Good Citizen test.

Mom says I might be a good therapy dog but nothing big and crazy. I like intimate environments – big crowds and loud noises also scare me. But, one day at a time and one paw forward!

I am always learning new things and helping mom out with activities and education. My mom has joined the Pinups for Pitbulls, Inc. mission and I am an honorary four-legged advocate. Most of the time I don’t get to go to events but that’s okay — I help out in spirit.

When we are out on a walk or at the dog park, I get to show everyone who I am and that second chances do happen. I am a good boy and am on a mission to show that we are always wanted, not trash that can be tossed away!

Thank you for reading my story!


Parents: Jessica & Dan