Bobbie Sue, Chico, CA

My name is Bobbie Sue and this is my story.

On July 8, 2009, my mommy, while pregnant with me, was rescued in the largest dog fighting bust in U.S. History, the “Missouri 500”. Many arrests were made in 8 states and over 500 dogs and puppies were rescued.

I was born in a shelter in St. Louis, MO, in September 2009.

There were so many dogs to take care of that we lived in warehouse shelters. Missouri asked for help and luckily some great rescue organizations were there for us. They found us new places to live and transportation to get there.

In November 2009, I boarded a semi trailer truck with some of my friends and travelled 1,600 miles from St. Louis to Sacramento, CA. It was scary, since I was just little, but having some of my friends made it a bit easier. Also, the people who drove us and took care of us on the trip, Best Friends Animal Society, were really nice to us.

When we reached Sacramento, 11 of us were picked up and driven 90 miles north to Butte Humane Society in Chico, CA.

I lived at Butte Humane for about 4 months. The people were nice, but the shelter was crowded, so I had to share an outdoor kennel with a couple of other dogs. I was beginning to think this was my forever home.

Lots of people looked at me, but no one took me home because I was a pitbull, a black pitbull at that (I learned about black dog syndrome in the shelter) and also a “bust” dog. My family had a fighting dog reputation. Many things were against me.

In March 2010, a man came to the shelter looking for his missing dog. His dog wasn’t there, but he walked around and talked to us dogs anyway. He looked really sad, so I played with him. It made him smile when he saw how nice and smart I was.

The man’s wife said they should take me home and foster me. I got real excited when I heard her, but my hopes were dashed when the man said it might not work out if his missing dog came home. I had just hung my head in sadness when the man said, “I guess we can take her home with us for a few days so she’ll be warm”. It had been really cold at night.

I perked up and told myself the man would not be sorry. I would be the best dog ever.

My foster parents, Ken and Teri, were really nice. I got lots of attention, treats and toys. My foster Dad taught me how to fetch the morning paper, and to retrieve firewood for the woodstove. 🙂 This made him happy, and I enjoy working. They knew I was very smart.

I loved my foster parents and felt they loved me, but I was certain I’d have to return to the shelter one day soon.

After a couple of months, that day came. We got into the car and drove to the shelter. I was scared, however I showed the shelter staff how well I was doing and how much I loved my foster parents.

Then it happened! They said the “A” word and everyone agreed I should stay with this family FOREVER. 🙂

My adoption was granted that day and I officially became Bobbie Sue Morgan. Turns out my parents had wanted to adopt me for a while, but there was a fostering requirement for us dogs from Missouri due to our rough beginnings.

I have lived with my human mom and dad for about 5 ½ years now. I still get the paper for my Dad every morning and in the winter I bring in wood so we all stay warm. My family loves me very much and have taught me manners and how to earn positive respect from people who may not like me because of my breed.

My Dad says my biggest accomplishments are not tricks or chores I do, but rather, being a great ambassador for pitbulls. My parents take me everywhere with them and we travel a lot. I have swam in rivers, lakes, and played on beaches in many different states. I love the water!

I meet lots of people and what makes me most proud is knowing I’ve changed a lot of peoples’ attitudes about my breed. My dream is that other pitbulls get the same opportunities I have had, because if given that chance I know they won’t disappoint.

Thank you for reading my story. Don’t forget to check the links to my videos above so you can see me in action, and I hope they put a smile on your face. 🙂

Bobbie Sue

p.s. I am not a monster.

Parents: Ken & Teri