Birdie, Houston, TX

Hi! My name is Birdie. Sure, I’ve got a story, just like all the others. But mine’s a little different.

It started like a lot of the shelter stories you’ve read: A woman saw the photo of me one night at the shelter. They didn’t have an adoption program there so I had 24 hours until they would give me the needle that sends me straight to heaven.

She worked it all out with the rescue group. Everyone at the shelter cried when I said goodbye the next day. I heard something about me being a favorite. You thought this was my happy ending, right?

Well, I was scared at her house — I’d never been in a house before. I tried everything to get out of that box and the door of her house. The next day she took me to another house, but I kind of acted the same.

Then, that afternoon, she brought me to a different shelter and paid them money to take me. Then she left me there. 🙁

I thought she was the one that saved me? Didn’t she know I just needed a few days? I’ve had a rough time & I promise I would have relaxed & began to trust her more. Why didn’t she wait it out?

Lucky for me, the group she worked with found out right away and sent someone to get me. I’ve been staying at another place for the last couple of weeks. Lots of other dogs here but I’m safe & they love me & they teach me stuff. I even have a dog best friend now. They waited me out. Now everyone sees the real me.

I’ve decided that my past and how I became homeless is not as important as telling you about who I am and what exactly I need. So, here goes:

  • I’m strong with a bold personality. I’m sure of myself & confident. See my smile? I have one all the time with my head always held high!
  • Taking care of others is very important to me. I’m a mother & a warrior, but with a soft candy center. I think I would love little babies, although the humans caring for me now haven’t seen me around any yet. I like big people too 🙂
  • Other dogs are cool, but I’m picky about who I’ll let in my circle. I like order and am very aware of my surroundings, so I prefer anything non-chaotic

Well, I am ready. Will you be my true person come get me and keep me for real?


For more information about Birdie or to fill out an application, please visit Buster’s Friends Rescue. Thank you.

Photos by robyn arouty photography

Editor’s Note: In July 2014, Robyn informed us that Birdie was adopted! One of the employees at the boarding place she was staying at fell in love with her. She moved to a new house that would accommodate Birdie better then made it official. Still brings her to work everyday so she can play with other doggies in daycare. 🙂