Bianca, Brooklyn, NY

Hello! My name is Bianca. You’ve probably seen that cute video of me being wrapped for the holidays. What a stark contrast to how my story started back in April 2011.

I found myself sitting in Brooklyn Animal Care and Control. And I guess my time was up… Yes, I was one of those dogs you see everyday, posted on Facebook by pages like Urgent Part 2 or other rescue groups.

On the other side of the computer screen was this girl Nicole. Nicole and her boyfriend Dan are musicians who in their spare time volunteered and fostered through rescue groups in NY and CT. She admitted that they had been trying to take a mental break from fostering. She, however, didn’t fully eliminate her unhealthy obsession with checking dog rescue websites on Facebook. Then one day, she came across a video of me on death row.

If you scroll to 1:30 seconds in, you can see how dejected and defeated I was. Nicole literally cried when she saw the video… and like a maniac, she drove to the Brooklyn ACC without Dan’s permission and with the help of Rebound Hounds ResQ, she got me out of the shelter.

When I came out of the shelter, I had a nasty case of kennel cough. I would sneeze so hard my head would slam into the floor from the force of it. But, in my typical fashion, I was so happy to be sprung from prison I paused for belly rubs 2 hours into my rescue.

Nicole didn’t want to tell Dan that she was fostering me in her apartment in Queens because he would get so attached to all the fosters and didn’t like to see them go. Plus, both of them are musicians and didn’t think it would be possible or smart to own a dog with their touring schedules. Fostering, on the other hand, was also difficult because they did not live together yet.

Of course, Dan caught wind that she had pulled an overweight, wiggly pibble and took the subway from Brooklyn to Queens and immediately fell in love with me. I’m just a calm, sweet, caramel latte princess.

Nicole noticed that I was a bit too plump and completely unaware of how to play, but I did come with a very adorable habit: I love to carry things around in my mouth and give them to whoever will take them. I love to share.

My first adoption inquiry came. Nicole brought me to visit a nice lady who was interested in adopting me through Rebound Hounds ResQ. Dan begrudgingly agreed that I was well enough to attend a home visit (did I mention that I no longer was living with Nicole in Queens? I had somehow managed to start crashing on the couch at Dan’s place in Brooklyn. šŸ™‚ ) The woman thought I was cute, but in the end, didn’t think I was the right dog for her because I didn’t know how to play.

Nicole and Dan were appalled! “How can you not want Bianca!?” they lamented. “She’s damn near perfect!” Hmm… Nicole and Dan knew I was the one after that.

Still, neither Dan nor Nicole thought that their musician lifestyle would be appropriate for a dog. Next stop? Let’s try to get Nicole’s dad to adopt me! Keep it all in the family! Of course, Nicole’s dad fell in love with me too; I was the perfect dog! Calm, submissive, sweet, housebroken, cuddly, quiet, loving.

Slowly, they realized Brooklyn was my home. They annoyed Donna and Loren at Rebound Hounds endlessly, claiming “Ohh… just give us another month or so to decide if we will adopt her.” Two and half years later, I think they decided. šŸ™‚ I was meant for them!

My mom said I’m a quirky dog with human eyes.Ā I have no idea how old I am. The shelter said I was 5 back in 2011, but my parents think that I’m maybe 5 now. I have a penchant for squirrels, a love for coddling stuffed animals, and a calming demeanor perfect for a life as a therapy companion. I’m antsy around other dogs if they are overly excited, but my parents are convinced I don’t have a mean bone in my body. Everyone who meets me falls in love with my magical personality.

Mom’s favorite part of coming home after a gig is opening the door to my sideways wiggle and guttural growl greeting. I’m a regular with mom and dad at the dog-friendly bar in Park Slope, BK, after a hard weekend of gigs. Did I mention I’m a bed hog? šŸ™‚

My parents say I truly am a breed ambassador. I’ve changed countless perception of “pitbulls” and has helped fuel their fire for rescue. Mom’s sophomore album Pariah Anthem is inspired by the pitbull plight as well as some of the stray dogs she fell in love with while teaching music in India, and she’s donating $1 from every CD sale to dogs in need.

She’s also in the process of booking a tour in conjunction with animal shelters across America to help raise awareness and spread education about the breed through a fun musical showcase. How cool is that?! You can learn more about it on her music page: Nicole Zuraitis Music.

So that’s my story, a death row survivor thanks to a volunteer with a video camera and fosters like my parents.

Bianca aka the sweetest pittie on the planet

p.s. Speaking of videos, that holiday wrapping video is obviously a massive fail on the wrapping end. (Silly mom!) But she made the video to bring awareness to how gentle, docile and tolerant pitties can be because sadly, there are thousands of dogs like me in shelters across America, sitting on death row. We hope that even if it opens the eyes of just one person, maybe one more dog gets to have a happy ending.

Parents: Nicole & Dan