Bella, Burlington, NC

Hi! My name is Bella and I’m a 7-year-old Pit/Boxer mix.

Nobody know how or why I ended up at the shelter. That was 2 years ago and I was there for quite some time. It was not a nice place. There were so many other dogs and it was noisy because they barked and barked and barked! And I did not like being locked in the cage at all!!

One day, a woman who just moved into a house with a fenced yard came in the shelter looking for an ‘outside’ dog. As soon as people started walking the hallway, all of the  dogs started barking like crazy! She saw me and walked towards my cage…and I instantly barked and growled at her!

But she did not stop! She knew I was scared because all of the chaos. She continued towards me and  preceded to take me to the ‘get to know you’ yard! Oh, I loved her!! I instantly turned into a sweet, gentle love! 🙂

That was it! She fell in love with me and told me I was beautiful! And took me home with her!!

However on the way home, she started thinking, “What did I do?! I have small dogs and I had just brought an 8-week-old poodle home!” She didn’t know how I would react or if I would eat them! She knew nothing about my past or what may have been done to me.

What a surprise I had in store for her! Not only did I not eat the small dogs, I became an instant mother, especially to the baby poodle, Leo. I shared my food with him, gave him a bath every morning, slept with him and got down on the floor on my belly to play with him! It was love at first sight! 🙂 My mom was so happy!

It only took a couple of days for her to see that I was the perfect dog. I’m extremely well-behaved, I LOVE to go on a ‘good girl ride’ and have never, ever shown any aggression or dislike for any animal or person.

My mom says I’m an absolute joy and she’s so glad that she brought me home because she knew a dog of my breed and age would not be alive in the shelter long. She told me she will be forever grateful for the love I’ve shown her and anyone I’ve come in contact with.

What my mom didn’t know is that I’m the one that’s forever grateful because she saved my life.

Oh, and by the way, that whole “outside dog” thing? I’ve never spent a day or night outside! 🙂

Most of days I spend taking care of my ‘baby’ Leo and doing my favorite thing, lying on the couch sleeping. Yes, I’m a spoiled, loved couch dog!


Parent: Donna