Bella, Burbank, CA

Hi!!! I’m Bella.

No one really knows what happened to me before one rainy day in March, 2008. I was left in a gutter. I was covered in filth and infested with fleas. There was also something very wrong with my eye. I cried and cried, hoping someone would hear me.

Finally a nice girl (mom’s niece) found me. She took me to her home and gave me a bath and let me snuggle in her lap. She contacted my new mom who said she would take care of me till I found a home. Little did she know…I already did!

The vet said without a doubt that I was abused and my eye was poked with a screwdriver. I have no sight in that eye. I was very small…I was just 5 weeks old!

The vet encouraged my mom to keep me because I needed special care as a baby and mom said “Yes!” Of course mom fell in love with me and after that she did everything she needed to keep me.

Being so small, I was afraid of everything. Mom helped me with many things and even started teaching me tricks. At the beginning of this year I started obedience school. It didn’t take long before I passed beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. I know sit, down, stay, spin, “How do you do?” (shake hands), Up High! (high five)…I jump through hoops and I started to love agility. I love my teacher! She makes learning fun! 🙂

Now I love dogs and people and love meeting new friends wherever I go. In October, 2011, I took my Canine Good Citizen and passed! Yay!

Having one eye doesn’t bother me at all nor does it bother my mom. Mom decided not to put me through surgery or to make me wear an eye patch. She said I am perfect the way I am. The sad thing is many people tell me they are uncomfortable looking my face because of my eye and that makes me sad. Sometimes you gotta look past what you see with your eyes and see with your heart.

Since getting me, mom found out that black dogs are the least adopted, that dogs with different qualities like missing an eye are least adopted, and that pits and pit mixes (which I am) have the cards stacked high against them. I hope to bring love and awareness to dogs that are special like I am but aren’t different from any other dog that likes to love and have fun.

Mom says I have been the best teacher for her in teaching her love, respect, patience, being a good example and to live life and have FUN! She says these qualities are the Blessings of Bella.

In March of 2011 my mom decided to write books for children about my story, and stories of love, gratitude and respecting all animals. This summer she decided to start a Facebook page for it. We have friends from all over the world and have also started pawing it forward to animals in need. I have collected leashes, collars, tennis balls, dog food, cat food, treats, cookies and blankets for local shelters and rescues.

My mom says I was brought to remind people that life goes on and you can let go ideas and thoughts that don’t serve you and live in joy. That is exactly what I do.

Someone once thought of me as trash and now I am the treasure of my mom’s heart. ♥

Blessing and Love,

Please visit me of Facebook! I hope to make friends of all kinds here that are special and together we will spread the word and show everyone that we are all amazing in our own way!

Parent: Alexandra

First and third photos courtesy of Lori Fusaro of Fusaro Photography