Angel, Peoria, AZ

Hi! My name is Angel and my story started on September 2011.

It turns out that being thrown out of a moving truck into a dirt field was the BEST thing that has ever happened to me! That happened in Phoenix, AZ, and I am only a little over a year old, but boy did I have a difficult life before I found Arizona Cocker Rescue.

I was still very young, but I was bred more than once before my owners dumped me. When I first got to the rescue in Scottsdale, I was very scared these humans were going to hurt me too. I was still lactating and so emaciated my ribs stuck out. I was treated for parasites and worms and I also got some medicated ointments to help my skin heal.

The humans fed me quality food, and now I look very healthy. I’ve gotten over most of my fear of humans. Now when someone pays attention to me, I wag my whole body in anticipation! When I’m not overly excited, I like to cuddle on the couch, or wherever, just so long as I’m getting the love I’ve missed out on.

Life in the rescue has been the best I’ve ever known, but there are 20 other dogs at the foster facility and I need some one-on-one time in a new foster home. I’m living with several smaller dogs and I like them all but I don’t like it when another dog pick on me.

I’m a larger dog but I sometimes don’t realize it so I may knock over little humans. (My rescuers say that can be easily fixed with some training.) One thing I’m great at? Catching birds in the backyard! 🙂

My rescuers are looking for a dedicated foster home for me. I’m usually crated at night and during the day, I usually stays in a separate area with a doggie door so I have 24-hour access to outside.

I’m so ready for a home of my own with a family to slobber on. Do you think you could help me find one?


Anyone interested in helping me out can email or You can also look up my information at