Alice, Grants Pass, OR

Hi! I’m Alice the Pit Bull.

My story started when my brothers and I got picked up by the Humane Society in Medford, OR. I was 8 weeks old and very skinny, but the nice people at the Humane Society helped me get big and strong.

Meanwhile, there was a girl who wanted to get a dog for a long time but the answer was always ”no”… (I don’t like that word, by the way). Then one day the answer turned into a ”maybe”…and then a ”yes”!

She looked at lots of other dogs on Craig’s List and at different shelters but she didn’t find one she really loved ’til she came to the Southern Oregon Humane Society.

But she didn’t notice me…

Instead, she found Eva, a skinny 5-month-old lab puppy. She fell in love with Eva but when they came back with Poppy and Louie (my doggy friends at my great grandparents house) for a meet n’ greet on November 7th, 2011, it didn’t turn out so well. Eva didn’t like my person brother at all and was very mean around him!

So they cancelled the adoption papers for her and walked back through the kennels one more time… I was very shy but I wagged my tail when people stopped to look at me. The girl FINALLY noticed me and decided to meet me outside the kennel! 🙂

It was love at first lick! ♥

And Poppy and Louie played with me right away! I loved my person brother too. Just like that, the girl became MY Mommy and her family became MY family!!

They couldn’t take me home that day because the vet had to ”fix” me (I don’t know what that means because I wasn’t broken). But not to worry, I got to go to my forever home a couple days later.

I remember that first night home like it was yesterday! My Auntie came over and brought me a brand new fluffy bed and a treat! My great grandparents came over later too to meet me. I love my family!

It took a couple days for me to eat normal and play because I still didn’t feel good from getting ”fixed” but once I got comfy in my new house, I got to sleep with Mommy!

Now I’m a whole year old and weigh 51 lb. (I gained almost 10 pounds!) I don’t like men but I like kids and teenagers — girls and boys, but I like girls better. 😉  And I still get to sleep with Mommy every night.

We live in the woods so I get to see lots of cool animals. The best part is that my dog family and person family live in a house right next to ours so I can go outside and play whenever I want! Me, Mommy, Aunt Tami, and her dog Honey Bump go on walks all the time and I don’t even have to be on a leash! Isn’t that awesome?

I know how to sit, lie down, speak, shake and high five. Mommy says it’s because I’m a pit bull so I want to please my people. (And she has nummy treats! But mostly cause I love her. :-))

Oh, I also like to go to the dog park and meet other pit bulls that got adopted by nice people. (I love new friends!!)

My mommy says that the only reason people didn’t adopt me when I was at the Humane Society is because even though my papers say “lab/border collie,” I look like a pit bull and people thought I would be mean. 🙁

That’s why Mommy told me that I’m Not a Monster is a very good thing…telling people how nice we are. We aren’t monsters!

Uh oh! Here comes Mommy! I better get off her computer before I get in trouble…

Alice the Pit Bull ♥

Parent: Asia