Aladdin, Haddonfield, NJ

My name is Aladdin and I am a pitbull.

I was found in a small town in South Jersey almost two years ago. I was severely emaciated and someone had broken both of my back legs and my tail. I had many open wounds and I was missing twelve teeth. I was also so emaciated that I could no longer control my bowels.

A nice man, Mark Peters of Camden County Animal, called someone to come get me because I was going to be euthanized at the shelter due to my condition. This person fosters emaciated pitbulls for Lilo’s Promise Animal Rescue and they have agreed to take me on.

I remember that day. I was waiting out front, and when I saw her I wagged my tail so she would know that I was a good boy. That’s the day that love found me.

My new foster Mom took me to the beach. I don’t think that she thought I was going to live so she wanted me to be in a peaceful place. I was carried over to the edge of the water and I just stood there with my eyes closed and my face raised up to the sun, sniffing all the glorious beach smells. Mom supported me so I wouldn’t fall.

Little by little, I grew stronger.

When Mom took me to the vet, they said that I had the back and hips of a fourteen-year-old dog but I was only 1 or 2. I was on lots of medicines and had to eat a lot of small meals. I started to gain weight but then a month after I came to live with Mom, I got sick. She had to rush me to the nearest vet, Ocean View Veterinary Hospital. They didn’t know Mom or I but they took great care of me.

I had a very high fever and wouldn’t eat for four days. For four days it was touch and go. Again, Mom thought I was going to die but I couldn’t leave her.

Finally, I ate some yogurt. Dr. Ira and the amazing staff did an incredible job nursing me back to health. Slowly, I got better and they let Mom take me home.

I had lost all of the weight I gained so we had to start my recovery all over again. Once I was healthy enough I started therapy with Dr. Howe-Smith to makes my legs stronger. We did water therapy, laser therapy and dry needling so I could walk without pain. It was a lot of hard work. And I’m so thankful for Lilo’s Promise for taking care of all of my medical bills.

Along the way I figured out that everyone wasn’t bad. I learned to stop jumping when people touched me and to stop dropping to the ground belly up when I got scared thinking someone was going to hurt me. Mom kept saying I was safe and no one would ever hurt me again.

I was now part of a family, I had three human brothers and three bully brothers (from left to right: Parker, Brady, me & Bully). My foster family had become my furever family. 🙂

I love to swim — that is my favorite exercise. I love to play with my brothers, both fur and human, but my favorite thing is snuggling! Mom says I do that very well!!

Despite what someone had done to me, I still loved people — cautiously at first but my little tail was always wagging. Mom said that I made each day better so she decided to let me share my love.

I got certified as a therapy dog with Therapy Dogs, Inc. and I started visiting nursing homes. Everyone loved me as much as I loved them. I got to visit kids and go to schools. I even got to be a model for a nationwide animal abuse campaign called Show Your Soft Side with Jon Dorenbos of the Philadelphia Eagles.

A local hospital asked Mom if I could come and join their therapy team. However, after Mom completed the paperwork, they said that I couldn’t be part of their therapy dog team because I was a Pitbull. 🙁

This made many people mad. Mom says breed specific legislation is wrong. I’m not sure what all of this means but I do know that I love making people happy. When Mom says it’s time to go to work I get super excited.

There are lots of people who need a little Laddylove to help them through the day. People in the hospital relate to me because I too am disabled. My back legs make it hard for me to walk far and they are kind of shriveled, like Tiny Tim legs. When people look at me they know that I understand their pain because I’ve felt it too.

Only now, I feel loved and I want to share that love with everyone.

So that’s my story. I’m Aladdin. I’m a loving family member, therapy dog, Soft Side model and spokesdog for Lilo’s Promise. And you can join my adventure at Aladdin Nation.


Parent: Michele

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