Abe, Hudson, OH

Hi! I’m Abe! I’m about 6 months old and I’m deaf.

I’m the sweetest little guy — so affectionate and goofy! As you can see, I’m quite a handsome boy and I love to “model” lol!

I was found on the streets of Columbus, OH, and was brought to the county shelter by animal control. Unfortunately, the shelter has an anti-pit bull policy in place: ALL pit bulls (or pit mixes) must be euthanized and are not allowed to be adopted out to the public! That’s definitely not good for me because the shelter workers think is a Pit Bull / Jack Russell Mix.

The only way out for a pitty is to be pulled by a rescue group. Someone at the shelter discovered that I was deaf and started networking me. I was scheduled to be euthanized on February 29th, but leap year turned out to be my lucky day as I was pulled from the shelter by a rescue in the nick of time!

I’ve been living with my foster mom for several weeks now and she says I’m super smart and a breeze to train. Watch me show off my tricks! 🙂 She taught me to “high five” just for fun and I learned it in about 10 minutes! Now I know the hand signals for sit, down, come, get in your crate, good boy, no, and high five!

Because I’m a puppy and possibly a Jack Russell Mix, I’m very tiny at only 19 lbs. I have a mild case of demodex (which is easily treatable and I’m on the meds for that) and I’ve received my rabies, bordatella, and DHPP vaccines.

Here are some of the wonderful things about me:

  • I’m a happy, sweet, affectionate, and did I mention happy? I’m just a joyful little guy — my tail never stops wagging.
  • Very very affectionate! I want to cuddle all the time — I’d rather snuggle on your lap than play.
  • I love my chew toys — bully sticks are my favorite!
  • I’ll do anything for a treat! That’s the best way to train me and I learn quick!
  • I love going for walks and running around in the grass.
  • I’m crate-trained — easily adapted to the crate. Occasionally I cry but I settle down with a sheet over the crate. Zero potty accidents in the crate!
  • I’m mostly housebroken — I had only one potty accident inside and we were on our way out the door. I know to go potty outside when shown to the potty area. (I like to poop in the bushes for some reason. LOL!)
  • Cat-friendly! I showed playful interest in my foster mom’s cat, sniffed her but no barking or chasing.
  • Dog-friendly! I want to meet every dog he sees and am very playful with Alfie, my foster mom’s dog who is also deaf.
  • People-friendly! I greet everyone with tail wags and kisses!
  • I’m perfect in the bathtub  my foster mom could have given me a bath with one hand! Oh, and you can trim my nails with no problem!

Some of the not-so-wonderful things about me:

  • My foster mom thinks it’s possible that I was abused in the past because I wince at quick movements. I was certainly neglected because I wolf my food and will sometimes take treats and hide them in the back of my crate. Despite this, I have shown no food aggression or resource guarding.
  • I can be a little mouthy during play but that can be easily redirected to a toy. And yes, I’m in that puppy stage where I got a couple teeth coming in, so not surprising.
  • I have some separation anxiety. If I’m in the crate and my foster mom leaves the room, I get upset (Alfie did, too — my foster mom heard it’s common with deafies). She usually just put a sheet over the crate and this seems to help me calm down.

So that’s me in a nutshell, a total darling and oh, so loving! I’m happy to have regular meals, a cozy bed, and a nice chin scratch. My foster mom thinks I would be great with ANYONE because I’m low maintenance and easy to handle. She thinks I will be a wonderful therapy dog someday as I have such a sweet temperament and am so affectionate. I do want to play with Alfie all the time, so possibly a forever home with no geriatric dogs would be best for me. 🙂 Other than that I fit in any home you’ll give me!

I’m available for adoption through the AngelDogs Foundation. Of course, transport is available. Everyone just want you to know me because they know you’ll fall in love with me!

Thank you for reading and I look forward to giving you kisses!


Anyone interested in meeting me is welcome to contact my foster mom Anne at murphyanne7@gmail.com. She can also help with training resources and answer any questions about deaf dogs.