Vick is Not Sorry

Michael Vick's Victims

Michael Vick admitted that if he had not been caught by the police, he would still be dogfighting to this day.

And to those who kept saying “he’s reformed; he went to prison for the crime so we should let it go”… let us clarify: He pled “not guilty” to animal cruelty charges — which were eventually dropped in a plea bargain — and he was convicted only of bankrolling a dogfighting conspiracy. And no, he’s shown no sign of regret over the fate of his dogs. (SFGate’s “Michael Vick’s unpaid dues: Why dog advocates aren’t moving on” from 2009 when he signed with Philadelphia Eagles)

From Donna Reynolds of BAD RAP: “It worked out nicely for Vick that he never faced his animal abuse charges in court. That meant football fans were spared the most disturbing details of his tortures and could go back to their Sunday night ritual with barely a hiccup.”

And 7 years later, he is a NY Jets with $5 Million contract regardless of his performance. Read this Chicago Now article by Raining Cats & Dogs of why we shouldn’t let it go.

While you’re at it, we invite you to read the Animal Legal Defense Fund‘s “Animal Fighting Case Study: Michael Vick”  and see what this monster and his cohorts did. We don’t have to break your heart with The Lost Dogs: Michael Vick’s Dogs and Their Tale of Rescue and Redemption.

And read about his victims’ struggles and triumphs ~ Lucas, Georgia, Ellen, Handsome DanHector the Pit BullGinger GirlLittle RedCherry Garcia…, and those who didn’t make it out alive:

Move on? Umm, no. We won’t let this go.