Let’s Stomp Dogfighting


What kind of society do we become if we lose our humanity?

Dogfighting is everywhere. From impromptu fight on inner-city streets to a well-planned tournament at a discreet rural venue, HSUS estimates that there are more than 40,000 people involved in organized dogfighting in the US and hundreds of thousands taking part in the streets. It’s not just in the “hood” or by “thugs”; it involves people from all walks of life, including law enforcement officers and city officials.

WATCH THIS VIDEO. **WARNING** It contains raw footage of dogfighting and the saddest part: you will see dogs who did not want to fight but weren’t allowed to leave the pit.

None of these dogs want this life. Who would want to live in constant fear, hunger, being fought whenever their owners see fit, being “badly wounded, suffering heavy bleeding, ruptured lungs, broken bones, and other life threatening injuries. If the losers of these matches do not die of their injuries, they are tortured to death for humiliating their owners.”(Source: Dog Fighting Revealed)

And worse: kids are watching these fights, or even involved, fighting their own dogs in back alleys.

We need to stomp this epidemic. Sgt. Steve Brownstein, of Chicago PD’s Animal Abuse Control Team, relayed his experience during his high crime patrol:

Children, who often take part as spectators, fighters, or “runners” for the betting operation, are desensitized to animal suffering and criminality. A fifth grader by his uncle’s side at a dogfight told Brownstein he was the only bystander who didn’t “explode with laughter” when a defeated dog urinated and defecated upon himself before dying.

“The danger is that [children] will emulate the violence around them,” Brownstein says. Some question the validity of eradicating dogfighters in a world plagued with “bigger problems.” Brownstein counters with a simple question: “What kind of society do we become if our children lose their humanity?”

We couldn’t agree more. So if you suspect dogfighting, call these numbers:

1-877-TIP-HSUS (1-877-847-4787)
More about rewards from Pit Bull Rescue Central

You can also help put a stop to it:
** Share the ASPCA video above
** Learn how to spot dogfighting (PDF)

Remember: dogfighting is a secretive, underground activity, only people involved in it know exactly when and where each fight takes place, but it happens everywhere. It may be happening right now in your town or city.

Share, educate and advocate!