Read & Do Not Delete: Animal Cruelty

By Liz Belilovskaya

Dear Esteemed Policy Makers,

I’m sure you’re aware that many animal abuse cases are not given the proper attention they deserve. While there are numerous examples of this, here are a few you can check out right now: Justice for Grace, FIRU, Pit Bull Bias in the Media.

Why are we neglecting to help animals that depend on our sense of justice and rationality? How do you justify letting people who commit animal abuse off without serious punishment? What actually keeps them from reoffending? How can we let those who abuse animals take legal action against the pet rescue organizations that work to save the victimized animals?

Clearly there are many questions you need to answer, but haven’t.

You should be concerned that if someone is able to do this to an animal, he or she is likely able to do this to another person. I understand that there is a sea of other problems that you have to deal with, but if you created animal protection laws and then opted for the jobs that you have, you should be taking action and implementing stricter measures to ensure justice is being served.

Politics without compassion will collapse this country. Reach out to fellow policy makers, petition for stricter punishments for animal abusers, and please make sure the media is held accountable for what it reports. These issues need to be addressed, please do so.


Editor’s Note: This letter was sent to Tipton County Executive Jeff Huffman, District Attorney General Mike Dunavant, Tipton County Sheriff J. T. “Pancho” Chumley, Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam, and Senator Bob Corker’s Field Representative Nick Kistenmacher.


About Liz Belilovskaya:

Professional dog lover, cat hoarder and animal rights advocate. I’m a mix of super Soviet ethnicities and believe the day should start at the crack of noon. I am also a cancer buttkicker as the community manager of I Had Cancer—social support network for cancer fighters, survivor and supporters.