Piggy Is Not Just A Vick Meme


You might’ve seen this photo circulating again, sometimes with Vick memes. Please remember that the dog in this photo is PIGGY, a dog who was rescued from a dogfighting raid in NYC to be abused again by her “rescuer”.

Piggy and other dogs were kept in this “rescue” founder’s basement, where many dogs had experienced lack of veterinary care resulting in death, lack of food and water, and in misery, being left in their own urine and feces in crates.


Thankfully she was taken away when he was raided in March 2013 although to our disappointment, her abuser got away with barely a slap on the wrist.

Photos of her from her time with that “rescue” was of a crazed, disproportionately overweight dog (taken in 2012).

In October 2013, Piggy went on to stay at Canine Academy, Inc. where she is finally happy and healthy, physically and psychologically. Here’s her latest album.

And she’s doing great with her commands! [VIDEO]. She is welcome to stay there forever, running or walking every day, getting constant hugs and special treats. Life is good finally for Piggy.

“She will be helping out at our obedience classes demonstrating all the commands she knows, and helping to educate the public and change the perception of Pit Bulls. Piggy’s motto is:
Calm Down
Look Up
Move Forward
Don’t Look Back

So the next time you see this photo, please do us a favor — tell Piggy’s true story, because she went through too much to just be a cute photo someone posted to get “likes”.